An insult to old people who are misinformed about modern day concepts.
by Guy who works at Denny's November 25, 2019
What to reply to an adult complaining about young people.
Adult: All these young hooligans making a racket and riff raff. Your generation is the worst!
14 Year Old: Okay Boomer.
Adult: What did you just call me punk?
by Randomly Generated Username 78 December 6, 2019
1. When a non boomer has no time to give all the evidence based facts that deconstruct decades of injustices and misinformation to an ignorant boomer; is tired af.
"Okay Boomer"
by BlurbleDog12345 December 18, 2019
If you dont know what this means then u are a boomer.

Okay boomer.
by luka is trash November 5, 2019
A derogatory term used by some Millennials and younger who lack the professionalism, courtesy and respect to politely disagree with someone who’s comments regarding generational differences may offend them.
The response made by those mentioned individuals after reading this definition. “Okay Boomer”
by Notrevo November 14, 2019
A statement used to indicate how disconnected an older traditional person is from the rest of society (particularly a person from the 'Baby Boomer' generation).
Boomer: Back then, we kept our doors unlocked, children played outside, and we f***ed our wives while looking them in the eye.

*Younger person while having sexual intercourse using the doggy style position*

Young Person: Okay, Boomer.
by isthisrain October 22, 2019
something to tell someone when you just don't want to start with them because they're obviously so wrong about a topic but you can't with them at the moment.
dude: "my gf keeps calling herself ugly when she's obviously so beautiful and i can't"
dude 2: "what did you tell her?"
dude: "okay boomer"
by thot from hell November 16, 2019