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Millennial is an identity given to a broadly and vaguely defined group of people. There are two wings of "Millennial" that are often at odds with each other: Generation Y (people born between 1981-1991) and Generation Z (born between 1991-2001). People of Generation Y often have characteristics similar to Generation X, which is why Generation Z will confuse Generation Y with Generation X and then claim to be the generation that represents "MIllennial," when in fact, birth years for Millennial range from about 1981-2001, just as the birth-years for Baby Boomers ranged from 1946-1964.
Both Generation Y and Generation Z can be called "Millennials," with the primary difference between the two being technology. Generation Y grew-up on personal computers, cell phones, and video game systems, while Generation Z has grown up on tablets, smartphones, and apps. Yet, the common ground between both generations is that both have been transforming and altering communication and identity--not just in the United States but globally.
by Rosebud1776 January 08, 2017
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People who where born before or near the start of the new millenia (2000). There is a debate on where the cut-off point is. Just keep it open.

Characteristics of most millenials:

You grew up seeing the drastic transition of technology, 9/11 was always a huge topic growing up, your current spending habits are heavily influenced by the financial crisis of 2008 (very tramautizing), and you witnessed the birth of old school Youtube in your youth.

Or simply put by google: a person reaching young adult hood in the early 21st century

Keep in mind: there is no clean cut-off year to divide generations. The concept of naming generations came from what each group experienced together as a culture at the time. So it has always been a thing you have to feel for, the equivalent of having to eyeball something.
Note that credited research organizations need to make a clear distinction in an interval for their data representation. It makes sense in that context, but generations don't work that way.
Also, geographical areas vary in generational gaps since areas all develop trends at different times, some are up-to-date and some lag a couple years.

So please, don't fight with other people over what you think they are when your argument is based on someone's opinion, even if it's in an accredited academic source. It's still subjective, it always will be.
Some article: Millennials are ruining the (insery here) industry

Someone born in 1998ish: baby boomers blame us for everything

Someone born in 1981ish: yeah I know right

Kid who grew up with iPad: ........*dabs*
by FortuneTeller785 April 09, 2019
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Noun: Name an old person gives a young person they don't like.
Those millennials and their manbuns and their hip-hop, and their instagrams!!!
by SmanMoonKnight September 12, 2018
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buy the domain for your art vlog
no house... no money... just avocado
sorry for being such a millennial but no house no money just avocado

im not a weeaboo im a millennial

nico nico student loans
by ThePandaTARDIS September 15, 2017
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We're actually a pretty okay generation to be honest. We are cool headed, easy to talk to, and pretty open minded. Yes, we have our flaws. Sure, we may not be QUITE as outdoorsy as the baby boomers were growing up, but I know for fact that we, along with Gen X, were a hell of a lot LESS ridiculously rebellious than the baby boomers were.

They complain that we're not even as politically engaged as we should be... unless, of course, we unquestioningly agree with all their politics. And yet we get shit for that as well. Too liberal, yet not political enough? Dafuq lol? Not to mention that politics in general is a very trashy, childish field designed for people who couldn't make something productive out of their lives.

That definition by Mr. SnowmanPants is utter bull. We lack common life skills and hardware? Then PLEASE tell me why older generations like Boomers keep bitching about the top engineering and tech companies like Google hiring us in droves and pushing out baby boomers?

And most importantly, why do we constantly need to even be labeled this much in the first place?
Mark Zuckerburg anyone? Millennial, creator and engineer of Facebook, one of the greatest communication networks of today? And contrary to popular beliefs, no we do not just live in our parents house forever. We just stay there until we're financially independent, which is hard to be in this economy (thanks Baby Boomers).

No, millennials are not perfect. But we certainly don't deserve the ten kinds of shit that Baby Boomers LOVE to talk about us without even stopping to take a very good critical look at themselves. It's kind of amazing how jackassed they can be when you think about it :)
by SomewhatOfALibertarian September 01, 2016
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A person who would say, without a hint of intentional irony, "I hate how all white men suffer from toxic masculinity and constantly inflict microaggressions due to their failure to check their privilege and respect the safe spaces of others. Oh, yeah... and I hate stereotypes."
Can you believe what that millennial just said? What's wrong with these kids today?
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A millennial is a person born from the years 1982 and 2004. Millennials are generally considered to be self-absorbed and spoiled, and even if the spoiling is not their fault, they still get blamed for being shallow.
The millennial vote was a key decider in the presidential election.
by CityGirl24 November 13, 2016
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