Refers to members of Generation Z and is a play on the term "Boomer," which refers to members of the Baby Boomer generation. The term Zoomer is also in reference to the fast-paced upbringings members of Generation Z are characterized to have due to the fast advances in technology and culture that has been happening around them as a result of the interconnectivity of the American and Global populations because of the ubiquity of internet-connected smart phones and social media.
"I can't stand those Zoomers, all they do is use their phones all day to play Fortnite and watch TikTok videos!"
by Pseudo Fiction October 30, 2018
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Someone from generation Z the equivalent to a Boomer

Someone who participates in cancel or outrage culture.

"Zoom Zoom" is what you say when you come across a Zoomer.
Your girlfriend is such a "Zoomer" all she ever talks about is how Billie Elish is deeper than Shakespeare.

Dude, I was on Twitter and a bunch of Zoomers harassed me, saying, I was problematic.

Millennials: You thought we were bad

Zoomers: We will get rid of anything the least bit problematic, Including people.
by CharlieLucifer November 3, 2019
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A Zoomer is a young adult, generally old enough to clash with the Logan Pauler/TikTok generation but not old enough to be a 90's kid. Traditionally, people in this age range are referred to as Gen Z, although some particularly young, edgy, and racist ones often call themselves Zoomers in an attempt to invoke the legacy of Boomers.
Grandpa: "Ugh, millennials. Maybe if they put down that phone they wouldn't have to work three jobs just to barely support themselves in this economy that I helped tank."
Grandchild: "Grandfather, for the last time, I am a Zoomer. Millennials are almost 30 now."
by YourTrueAdvisor October 22, 2019
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Aka Gen Z
Zoomer : American kids born between 2005-2020 who are internet obsessed, entitled, disrespectful clueless dipshits. They are academically stunted by over a year of zoom classes online instead of real school and socially awkward possibly retarded. They love memes, Fortnite, Minecraft, and iPhones. They are a bunch of jerky little snowflakes whose opinions don’t matter to anyone else.
It’s funny that these stupid little Zoomer’s think anyone cares about their opinions.
by DonaldsRump April 1, 2021
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generation Z, a reference do the term boomer.

Often found in the phrase "okay zoomer"
Matt:Isn't your sister like 20?
Stephen:Nah dude she's a zoomer.
by ViviFramea May 3, 2020
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The most annoying generation after boomers. Most Zoomers are under the age of 16 but think they know everything because they made Tik Toks in their rich parents houses all day. While Zoomers are the most accepting generation, they are also the most sensitive. Today a zoomer on Twitter said that being picky about food is a disability. That's what you get with Zoomers.

Most of them are beyond obsessed with K-Pop to the point where they will spam fan cams all over twitter no matter how unrelated the Tweet is. Known for their markedly low IQ and attention spam, Zoomers will likely be studied as the first generation to have full access to the internet as a kid. Zoomers like to spam random characters and repeat the same meme over and over again. In reality, Zoomers are just the 16 year old white girls right now and everyone knows 16 year old white girls are the worst people on the planet. So basic you can bait them into posting specific memes like "you dropped this king" without their 40 IQ brains realizing. Zoomers are stupid but accepting. So they're bad but not as trash as boomers. And they're all kids so, in 10 years they might be much better.
Zoomers are annoying but at least most of them hate Trump.
by jerryatric June 21, 2020
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A Zoomer is someone who's young. boomers often used the term "zoomer" to refer to young people who make fun of old people as jokes.
Alex: "veggie tales? you're such a boomer!"

Ethan:"Shut up Zoomer!"
by notazoomerboy October 28, 2019
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