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Lawyer from Harvard known for triggering social justice warriors, feminists, socialists, and commies faster than Monica triggered Bill. He is often seen in public smoking a blunt and wearing dark shades.
Dude, that Ben Shapiro guys is thug life, man!
by FlabbyDaddy October 02, 2016
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libtard: *says some dumb shit*

Ben Shapiro: *appears and snaps fingers*

libtard: *uh oh Ben i don't feel so good*

libtard: *fucking disintegrates*
by lilbanarnicle October 23, 2018
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The end-all politician when it comes to debunking and destroying leftists taking the moral high ground when perpetuating the very ideologies they claim their opponents to hold such as racism, sexism, etc. He is also the editor in chief of the Daily Wire and the talk show host of the #1 watched conservative podcast. True legend and leads a Thug Life.
Leftists now think twice before spouting nonsense because of the onslaught of Ben Shapiro could come anytime...
by dont_care77 February 01, 2017
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A fast-talking conservative pundit known for literally brutally murdering leftists on camera and totally dominating their assholes with his circumcised razor penis, leaving them to drip with that lava hot Jewish Shapiro cum.
Cenk Uygur: the taxes bein high is gud bcuz the money re-circulates

Ben Shapiro: *flips Cenk Uygur over, exposes his ass cheeks, and smacks them as hard as possible, jams his fist into Uygur's asshole, then inserts his razor penis and injects Uygur's leftist asshole with burning hot lava cum, then chops Uygur into tiny pieces and eats them later that night*
by DrTalentedTongue September 30, 2018
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Smug provocateur who dupes his far-right base into thinking he's a lot smarter than he really is by talking in a rapid delivery with his chipmunk voice and using a boatload of straw man arguments. Do any of you notice that the only people he debates are obnoxious 18-21 year olds at various college campuses?

In reality, he's nothing more than pseudo-intellectual and a snake oil salesman.
Bruce: Ben Shapiro is a genius!

Paul: If he's such a genius, then why does he only debate children instead of real government officials?
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by Soul_Driver September 23, 2018
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A conservative pundit with just above-average intellect. Tries really hard at sounding smart in order to "own the libs".

Easily impressed Alt-right losers and Trump supporters believe he is a genius just by the sheer fact that they are not smart themselves.
I didn't graduate High School so I am easily impressed at Ben Shapiro owning libs on FOX News! He is a genius and so is Donald Trump!! MAGA!!
by fck4chanlosers September 20, 2018
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