old school(sixties and seventies)shades that have flat, not wraparound, lenses; popularized by musicians such as Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel.
I found some sweet wayfarers in my dad's closet and they make me look like Billy Joel.
by Slick Willy October 25, 2004
A title in Destiny 2 for people who wasted there money on the game when it first came out and got red war collection items
oh look a wayfarer, someone who wasted their money
by VisionHD July 17, 2019
A man who is homeless by choice and travels from tip to tip in search of food and shelter
I'm worried about our alex, he's turning into a right wayfarer
by mandemareready December 28, 2012
Wayfaring Stranger is a trandional country song, performed by many artists such as Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and (for the soundtrack of Cold Mountain) Jack White.

The song is generally about death, a man dying and leaving turmoil behind to see his family and beautiful feilds.

You should listen to it. Johnny Cash possibly did the best job of singing it.
I am a poor wayfaring stranger,
Travelling through this world of woe,
There's no sickness, toil or danger,
In that bright land to which I go.

Yes I'm going over Jordan,
Just going, no more to roam,
Only going over Jordan,
Just a-going to my home.
by Hellz June 25, 2006
Wealthy person, who love to have exceptional experience by traveling into destination most people can't
His Rich Father made him Elite Wayfarer in the age of 30
by ThirteenWanders January 24, 2017
Ray Ban or Persol clear-lensed glasses worn with or without a prescription. Typically at night. Created in 1952, the glasses became popular among various Hollywood celebs. Today, young party-goers, also known as "scenesters" usually wear them when out on the town or in dark bars. When worn, these glasses make the individual look somewhat knowledgeable, stylish, and industry-savvy. Buddy Holly and Woody Allen are known for sporting these clear-lensed glasses.

"Look at the plethora of nighttime wayfarers at the dark bar! There is no way so many kids could need prescription glasses!"
by Katie Capri August 19, 2008