Assistants to the big cheese in the office.
The underling's job is to fetch my coffee in the morning.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
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The end result of beer, burritos, and bowels producing a loose, smelly, wet, stool-like substance that clings to porcelain.
The maid is going to be very upset at me for the underling I left in the toilet.
by Reinier August 21, 2003
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Did you see Underling at the show last night? They tore up the stage.
by Dead Fish March 9, 2006
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A subset of the nerd they outcasted from even the Nerds, their skin a very very very pasty white and most of them speak binary. The lowest of the low, they also act strangly and Almost never go out into the sun without a cloke, they are few in Number but Contrations are higher in Metropolitian areas. Not even the Nerds hang out with them.
Guy1: hey look its a table of nerds.
*sees a dorkish dork*
Guy1: wait what the hell is that?
* the Mysterious figure sits with Nerds, Nerds get up and leave the table*
Guy1: wait what the? I thought Nerds would hang out with other Nerds not get up and leave one of their own?
Guy2: dude that is not a nerd at that table dude, Its something even lower, The Mysterious Underling, This is your first time seeing one isnt it?
by The Great Underling watcher February 14, 2011
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The process by which Overlords relocate underlings to differet locations in an organized fashion
The slave trade was a systematic relocation of the underlings
by Arturus Rex September 5, 2003
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