A famous American Pianist. Released loads of songs. Best song was Piano Man which made Gold Platinum.
Guy #1: What are you listening to?
Guy #2: Billy Joel mate.
by bender92 August 23, 2006
An extremely proficient piano player and singer.
" You think you're some effin Billy Joel, don't ya?"
by Derek M. November 17, 2005
-Yo man, you were in the back for a long time.

-Nothing to crazy, just listened to some Billy Joel.
by LoopDeez December 11, 2010
When someone takes a shit on the strings of a piano then proceeds to play piano man over and over to work the shit in really good.
Hey dude check out your piano. I herd someone playing piano man on it last night. I'm afraid you might have been Billy Joel'd last night.
by pimpdogman October 23, 2010
no one on here so far has even mentioned billy joel's greatest ever song... All For Leyna. this is one of the greatest love songs ever made and many people can relate to the fact that he cares about absolutely fuck-all else when it comes to the girl he cares about. its a great song and its his best.
we didn't start the fire is excellent as well.
by BadLieutenant December 23, 2004