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Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Manson's band was originally called Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids, but shortly after the band was formed, the name was shortened to Marilyn Manson (the lead singer's name, obviously).

Marilyn Manson himself has never bitten the head of a defenceless animal nor had fake breast implants nor removed his ribs in order to give himself oral sex. On the contrary to what pathetic sociopath idiots think, Marilyn Manson does not have man boobs- he was cursed from the day he was born to be tall and terribly thin (something which he doesn't mind.)

He isn't gay (he is married to star female stripper, Dita Von Teese) and yet has no problem what-so-ever about gay people, gay sex or touching men-- wanna know why? It's because he isn't an idiot. He can accept other people.

His music does not just have shock value. I myself downloaded some of his music to find out who the hell Marilyn Manson was, before I had seen him and his band and back when I though he was a woman (/Marilyn/). It amazed me, and because of my love for his work I looked up more about him.

He isn't a Satanist (he doesn't believe in a God) yet is against Christianity. He isn't against Christianity because he is a 'Goth' (he isn't, by the way)but because his gained experiences have left him with some intelligence. If you don't believe me, buy his autobiography.
"A pill to make you numb,
A pill to make you dumb,
A pill to make you anybody else,
But all the drugs in this world
Won't save her from herself..." -- Coma White

"This was never my world,
You took the angel away,
I killed myself to make everybody pay..." -- Coma Black
(Linked singles by Marilyn Manson)
by Hellz May 5, 2006
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Nick Griffin is a man who has stood and stared at the grim face of public humiliation and sort past it, wanting to keep Britian British. People say he is a rasict because of his idea's to cut down on imigration, a thing that is having dire consequences on Britian; Making prices higher, increasing poverty, destroying the countryside ect.
The British National Party is not just for white people (I myself am not white) but for people who care about our culture and for people who have a wish to be British.
Just because the BNP aren't full of soft-headed ex-hippies, they are called rasict neo-nazi's. They are not; they have true ways to make Britain better.
Vote for Britain. Vote BNP. Nick Griffin is a decent man.
by Hellz October 21, 2006
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By the way, people, Aiden and such others are /not/ punk. Punk is dead; why? Because it was the voice of a rebellion that is now dead, and it was an English rebellion, thank you. Punk was The Clash, Sex Pistols... Not this crap.

Flipping through Kerrang one day, I came across an article featuring Aiden. It was an interview, I read it, and the band members spoke of how the despised crappy music in which the band whines about "how mean their ex-girlfriend was." I agreed with this and eagerly downloaded some of their music. Their music sounded exactly the same as the band's that they had put down.

Aiden ;; Not worth it.
Ignore this band, please.
They think that they're differant, hardcore, interesting, shocking-- they play pop music with 'shocking' lyrics. Big wow.
Aiden. Hah.
by Hellz September 3, 2006
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Castle Hill: England, Huddersfield.

Castle Hill is fairly small in size, but quaint. The hill it's self is named Castle Hill, because once upon a time, a huge wooden castle had been built up there. People have settled there for thousands of years because it is a very high point, and attackers at the base of the hill could easily be seen. Bones of hunted bears and wolves have been found in the well that is near the monument Tower of Queen Victoria's golden Jubilee.
It has been said that up there and around roams a small pack of feral children and/or adolescents that hunt the rabbits and deer around the area. Nobody has ever claimed to be injured by a member of the legendary pack.
"Castle Hill's 'feral children' do not seem to be a threat; indeed, besides the evidence found, they do not seem to be real." - Local newspaper
by Hellz July 22, 2006
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Wayfaring Stranger is a trandional country song, performed by many artists such as Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and (for the soundtrack of Cold Mountain) Jack White.

The song is generally about death, a man dying and leaving turmoil behind to see his family and beautiful feilds.

You should listen to it. Johnny Cash possibly did the best job of singing it.
I am a poor wayfaring stranger,
Travelling through this world of woe,
There's no sickness, toil or danger,
In that bright land to which I go.

Yes I'm going over Jordan,
Just going, no more to roam,
Only going over Jordan,
Just a-going to my home.
by Hellz June 25, 2006
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Yorkshire is the best damned place in England, and I am not being baist - I'm from Scotland.
It has beauty and a great deal of countryside, which, unfortunately, is disappearing. Probably one of the only places in Britain that is British.
Myself, I am moving to Scotland again next year, for Yorkshire is for the Yorkshire men. Keep immigrants out of it! They do not deserve to live there, and will only populate the towns, hence making them bigger.
Yorkshire people are not animal molesters, either; any dumbass knows that, and almost any dumbass knows that when it comes to bestiality, Wales is the joke. Not Yorkshire.

I've traveled England, and Yorkshire is definately the best place- not just from my point of veiw, but from all my fellow outsider's.
Yorkshire is the next best place to the beauty one can find in Scotland, and I greatly admire it and all it's native peoples.
by Hellz August 7, 2006
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