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The last saving grace of Bungie Studios to revitalize their latest game series from the grave.
Bro, if Destiny 2 isn't a good game, I will lose all faith in Bungie.
by MidknightXMBJr July 10, 2017
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Basically Halo but kid friendly. The blue guy acts like the red guy in transformers. The main character doesn't even talk. People get triggered off it usually the main source of a murder.

Basically a cool game.
Guy 1: hey wanna play destiny

Girl 1: no I'm doing a raid

Guy 1: it's alright I was going to show your a endless exotic farm

Girl 1: destiny 2 is for scrubs
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by Lagan Pal October 23, 2017
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Destiny 2 is a legendary game made by Bungie. It is a FPS that has an intense and powerful story. You can level up to light 335 and level 25. It is available on PS4, Xbox and PC. FYI it totally destroys warframe in all catagories, such as story,PVP and PVE.
Destiny 2 is the best!
by Truth is a great gift February 09, 2018
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