i saw alex and fucking killed me in fortnite
by BOT Birdie February 13, 2020
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alex is one of the most kind people you’ll meet. he tends to be misunderstood, but is someone that should never be taken for granted. hes someone that you could never find in anyone else. he deserves a lot more than he gets by people surrounding by him, and he may be a bit ignorant but its how he shows he cares. he may act like hes the shit and he doesnt care but when you get to know him hes one of the sweetest people you could meet. very out going, and deserves to be loved properly. hes very attractive and can pull bitches but they dont matter if you’re the girl he loves. he loves unconditionally, and tries to find the best in negative situations. he tends to cling onto good memories and tries to let to good overweigh the bad, even if theres nothing good to make out of something. hes a crackhead and is a little reckless but i still love him regardless of his decisions. he doesn’t ever listen because hes so set on what he wants, is very determined but always expects failure and doesnt tend to try. he would be so much happier if he listened to the ones surrounding him, but someone like alex cant be controlled unless you’re his girlfriend. he tends to think hes a terrible person due from his past, but he doesn’t believe his mistakes dont define him as a person. hes so much more than what he thinks to be, seems cocky but beats himself down a lot. he is an amazing person who deserves all he can get. but he needs to realize nothing lasts forever and you cant cling onto your past.
alex is a dumbass but special. at least to me, alex is a one of a kind.
by wheresyourlove November 23, 2021
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alex is sometimes a girl but in this case is a boy,
He is so sweet,always pays attention, is always there for you, and never wants to let you go. He lives far away from you so you dont get to see him, but he is truly a keeper. Dont ever talk bad about him because he has only said good things about you. He thinks you are gorgeous even though you dont think so. You are in love with him and have either told him or are waiting to tell him.
love boy sweet keeper alex
by Tobecontinued.. January 8, 2012
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best person to go to for memes! relatable, depressed most of the time, sweet, will make you laugh, annoys you, and is super hot!!!! don't let this one go
girl: hey alex just sent me a meme i think
same girl: never mind its a shirtless pic!
by kaithegalpal February 12, 2019
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The sexiest human being known to man kind he is absolutely hot loving,caring,dirty;), and the best boyfriend you could ever have
Alex:* looks at you*
Me : *slowly drools*
by Oddynuff59 December 17, 2017
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super sexy strong masculine beast with eyes of flaming gold. makes the women feel tingly on the insides. he can pleasure all the people he wants with his sexy body. he has a perfect human that all should admire. loving, caring, funny ,smart, hot are just some words to describe this sex machine.
that guy pulls bitches as if he was an Alex.
by urban dictionary44342 December 28, 2022
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