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The piece of skin between the balls and ass.
He pissed me off so I kicked him in the chode.
by Slick Willy March 3, 2005
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neither a loser nor a winner, inescapably more pathetic, less evocative of empathy, less romantic than winner or loser.
The Hollywood starlet had been attracted to champions and to down-and-outlaws, but the milquetoast also-ran in his Ford Pinto didn't even register beyond her retina.
by Slick Willy February 19, 2005
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A uneducated country person, characterized by their incomprehensible accent, and failure to talk about anything other then their Ford pick-up truck. Frequently use phrases such as "Yeah, bud!", or "Git-r-done!" Are also known to exhibit a southern accent despite living above the Mason-Dixon line.

See also: Redneck, breeder
That jibber only talks about his F-350 and chronically regurgitates quotes from Larry the Cable Guy.
by Slick Willy April 18, 2005
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The sound of hocking, and then aiming the hock to perfectly hit the rim of the spitoon to make the "-tung!!" sound. It made everyone pay attention, hence its other, more common definition. Alleged to be the first word in the German language, on which all other words are based.
Acccccccccchhhhh-splat!!!! dammit, let me try again ... don't slip on that ...
Acccccccccchhhhh-TUNGGGG!!!! There ya go!
by Slick Willy March 17, 2005
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old school(sixties and seventies)shades that have flat, not wraparound, lenses; popularized by musicians such as Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel.
I found some sweet wayfarers in my dad's closet and they make me look like Billy Joel.
by Slick Willy October 25, 2004
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v.intr. To direct that a word or statement be allowed to stand in its original, unrevised form. To let something stand in its original form.

v.tr. To overrule a "correction"
(From Latin, to et it stand, third person singular present subjunctive of stare; typesetters' / copy editors abbreviation to "uncorrect" a revision made in error. As typesetting becomes obsolete, alas, so probably will this powerful little word.)
Eyes filled with tears of joy the profligate wife stetted the divorce suit before it was finalized, throwing the document now confetti about her estranged husband's head.
by Slick Willy March 16, 2005
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