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1. The act of stealing a commercial airliner and performing aerobatics while evading F-15s.

2. To roll a Bombardier Q400 without any training and recover.

3. An aviation legend that joined the ranks of Bob Hoover on August 10th, 2018
Take offs are easy
But make you queasy

Landings are a bitch
Just ask Rich

Heroes are remembered but legends never die
"Time to die now, Iron Eagle"
by Pilotwhoisntoffended August 12, 2018
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To have a lot of money in the bank. To be able to buy a lot of expensive things. To be wealthy.
I have a lot of riches.
by tbone.. May 15, 2008
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(noun) Someone with a lot more money than you. As such, the definition is elastic depending on one's economic status. Usually a term applied to others rather than to oneself.
Make the rich pay! (Marxist-Leninist party of Canada campaign slogan, circa 1980)
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 02, 2006
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Having an abundance in materials or qualites in character and personality.
Money,food, inteligence, fashion and my number one babe R.R!!!!!
by Salascious January 03, 2005
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Being taken care of.. Being well off... Never having to worry about buying anything. As in you can buy whatever you want.

Being more well-off than your peers. As in having a lot more money than they do. Being well-ahead of them financially.

For instance Bill Gates is a lot wealthier than all the people his age, he's rich.
Your boyfriend gave you all that money?

Damn, You're rich.

Look at that CEO, He's rich.

Look at that model, she's rich.
by ceo443 January 25, 2010
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In addition to its more common usage, rich can be used to describe objects of luxury or cool things such as shoes, shirts, cars, houses, jewelry, etc.
"Sick Lambo man, that is rich!"
"Nice shoes man, those are rich."
"I'm rockin a bar of gold attached to a platinum chain, don't tell me that ain't rich!"
by Harrison W August 17, 2008
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