A mythical being often said the be the male half/ sperm doner of a childs parental party. Very few have ever been seen
by GrammerGrimReaper April 9, 2019
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That person that was never in ur life

Oh father, I wish you were here
by DatMemeDude February 6, 2018
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A mythical creature said to be on a very long quest to get the ultimate treasure milk
Son: father I like anime women

Father: well son we just actually ran out of milk I’m gonna go get some at the store
by Your_large_mother ಠ_ಠ January 29, 2022
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The guy who went for milk!
Hey where’s my father?
He went for milk 16 years ago.
by Levinrhoads November 27, 2019
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A male who ends up the bad guy when he doesn't let his kids or family walk all over him, while females get a round of applause and fans for the same behavior.
A father becomes an asshole when he doesn't let people around him fuck with him, a female becomes a heroine for the exact same thing. It's a double standard feminists don't talk much about.
by Solid Mantis September 9, 2019
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My father is one big motherfucker.
My mum's a father fucker.
My fucker fucked a dad and a mom yesterday.
I am a fucker.
by CREAM (look up band) July 3, 2014
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1. a man in relation to his natural child or children.
2. The man who raises you as his own feeding and teaching you.
Just because you impregnated my mother doesn't mean you are my father.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018
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