brilliant, significantly fantastic, amazing situation, feeling superb, over the moon, opposite of coal
"Alright mate, I ain't seen you in ages, how ya doing?"
"Solar, absolutely solar, I just won the lottery!"
by Wicole December 1, 2013
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Another word for cool, hip or neat-o.
Have you seen the new PSP? It's totally solar!
by Mark Dearden April 11, 2005
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to smoke marijuana by means of a magnifying glass or lens of any type.
you've never solarized? then you've never tasted weed before
by SteveyB April 17, 2008
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The most hardworking, beautiful, perfect human being
The leader of the k-pop group MAMAMOO.
Sings absolutely beautifully with perfect high notes
Inventor of the word - Saranghanu
Her real name is Kim Yong Sun
Has a youtube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers called SOLARSIDO
she is amazing and we love her so much.

The prettiest girl i have ever seen, seriously just look at her.
Have you seen Solar's latest upload? She did a full acapella cover of Believer by Imagine Dragons.
by mishjul December 1, 2020
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A beautiful Hispanic last name, everyone who has it tends to be very attractive it is a very rare name
Wow look at Solares he's a great soccer player
by Solares February 20, 2016
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Outstanding. Can also can be used to as slang to say "glowing, clever, smart or bright"
You are just so solar!
Solar boy
That car is solar
by Cooper S kid January 10, 2009
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