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Fresh snow fall "powder" on top of a previos days powder.
"its a great day for boarding with all the pow pow"
by Andi September 09, 2003
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Wow Tammy...like...are you gonna do the in and out with Bob tonight on your date?
Nah Kel, even tho it's nacho business it's PRS week, but he is kinda f.i.w.d.
True dat
by Andi March 07, 2005
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When you get the FINEST cock you've ever had...but it was unshowered, not clean, but still a damn nice cock.
Wow Jenny, I was jogging this morning and saw Bob. He said hey. We ended up doing some In and outs.
How was it Kelly?
It was a Royale with Cheese. If only he had a chance to take a shower. Then it would've been Le Big Mac!
by Andi March 03, 2005
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Something that someone wants to know, but they don't NEED to know. They have NOTHING to do with it! Not their business at all.
Hey what were you talking about to that guy?
We were discussing a Cheese Meeting.
What's a Cheese Meeting?
You know? One that is Nacho Business!
by Andi February 10, 2005
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"you got fiddy bucks foo"
"naw i aint got nadda"
by Andi September 09, 2003
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Someone with whom you've recently made acquaintance via a third party.
Any friend of yours is a palomino.
by Andi January 16, 2004
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Wow....I wanted to do some in and out tonight...but since it's the week of my parting of the red sea....I'll just stay home with my ZX2000 instead of going to Le trapeze
by Andi March 07, 2005
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