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"Man I'm so frit right now"
"This song is so frit"
by Raebae14 July 15, 2017
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Anagram for:

Fully retarded in totality.

Retardted in the best way possible. Like how people with some cognitive/physical/mental disorders are always happy. You smoke, drank, and partied yourself retarded.

Additional definitions:

- Freaking Lit
- Fracking Lit

Old peoples’ & definition for parents:

Something amazing. Top knotch. With an understated connotation of getting high or fucked up.
Dick went to Jane’s party last night and it was Frit AF.
by WordSmithSchmorgesborg December 11, 2018
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Similar in use as wack. Something that sucks and blows. (Canadian slang)
This party is frit!
That person's car is frit!
by JonW May 29, 2003
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When you eat fruit off a girls tits
John: Hey babe, ima frits you up tonight
Karly: I love it when you do that, especially with strawberries
by sammydog April 04, 2009
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Verb meaning to go party

Also can be descriptive like chill, sick, stoked, pumped and many others
Yo Derek, ready to go frit in a little bit?
by Don't worryboutit May 14, 2011
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I hate John but he's so hot. Ug, he's such a frit.
by farmersonly February 11, 2017
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