P-Diddy avoided incarceration, but all the legal stuff and media attention was just too much for J-Lo to deal with.
by Noh Whey May 17, 2004
Noun. Acute illness contracted by previously healthy individual who has been placed under arrest. A last ditch attempt to avoid being taken to jail. Symptoms normally relieve spontaneously upon being placed in an ambulance or ED room.
"We just arrested him for assault. The minute we put him in the car he complained of stomach pain. I'm pretty sure it's incarceritis".
by AngryJL December 5, 2007
• The act of faking an illness to avoid being taken to jail.

• The inflammation of feeling related to not wanting to be arrested.

• The use of a lie to try to keep from being incarcerated.
That patient in room 4 isn't really sick, he just has incarceritis.

Did you see the EKG of that incarceritis chest pain patient? It's practically text-book perfect!
by Night.ER.Ninja July 27, 2014
A formal word for jailed, arrested, locked up, etc.
One of my friends got incarcerated after he partied naked in the public fountain.
by Jam3s_B0nd July 16, 2014
The formal process preceeding an all expense paid trip to jail
I was incarcerated before my all expense paid trip to jail.
by deplemisher April 25, 2003
Finding out you are going to jail and suddenly becoming ill....requiring and ambulance.
Looks like Sally's case of incarceritis might keep her out of the holding cell for at least two hours.
by late147 January 25, 2010
Sexual position in which you put the female in a rear naked choke while penetrating her ass and whispering "This is how they do it in prison." Choking her until she taps or passes out.
Bitch wanted to get rough so I gave her the incarcerator.
by sick sik six January 8, 2017