28 is a number that signifies larry stylinson. It is important because it is the rumored day they got married, and ever since the 28th they have been using the number everywhere and it proves the larry theory
Person 1: omg did you see louis' new 28 tattoo???

Person 2: ofc! Did you also see Harry's movie and Louis' new song that were both released on the 28th?

Person 1: yeah! Also the 28 on the house in the music video, on louis' sports Jersey and also the 28 tattooed on his ear?!

Person 2: omg larry is so real
by *cries in larry is real* August 7, 2018
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This number is, in essence, Louis Tomlinson. Every time you see this number, Louis will be nearby. This beautiful angelic (sweet) creature adores the number 28 and will bring it into conversation as many times as possible.
I saw that the answer was 28 and I immediately knew we were talking about Louis.
by saladsauce February 18, 2021
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The number of stab wounds Carlos Ortiz got when he was stabbed to death by his own android.
"28 stab wounds. You didn't want to leave him a chance, huh? Did you feel anger? Hate?"
by DI_MOLTO_ August 15, 2018
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Louis Tomlinson's number
When Louis was 28 and left his toxic record Syco, 28 days after that Simon Cowbell broke his back on electric bike. Karma.

On August 28 which is the 28th week of the year Syco is no longer in operation.

Number of his football jersey.

Simply every 28th of a month is Louis Tomlinson's day and we're all proud od him.
louie: Louis announced a new label on September 28 ! It's always 28. 28 supremacy.
by foolforlucie August 28, 2020
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To eat one's booty. The "2" is meant to symbolize an open mouth. The "8" is meant to symbolize a butt.
"45, I'll 28 that ass" - Childish Gambino on 12.38
by lennurrt April 8, 2020
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The number 28 means to titty bite. The number 2 is meant to look like a jaw while the 8 being titties.
Dude, Im'a gonna 28 your girlfriend so hard she'll drop 3 breast sizes.
by Slim Phady November 15, 2007
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Selling nudes or shirtless pictures for money on snapchat
by Feel like I'm 21 Savage February 22, 2017
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