a slang term used in the greater H-town area used to express admiration or acceptance of sorts; generally used in a situation which provides enjoyment
My goodness this song is jammin', straight walle, bro!
by Lreez July 8, 2012
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from the bay area it mean a girl been having sex to much that when you have sex with her. Her vagina is lose
that gurl last night had no walls yadadamean.
by bribri_415 January 19, 2005
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A thing that Trump wants to build.
I am going to build a wall. I'll make Mexico pay.
by dat boi 666 Doritos and mtndew November 11, 2016
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Walle is a name of a guy who is always drunk, high or fucking some bitches.
This kind of person have an excellent comic timing.
Omg! That dude is so walle, he can't even stand straight
by Walle Eld January 22, 2019
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A metaphorical block that someone puts up after living with abuse or being bullied as a child or other such circumstances. Doesn't happen over night but "brick by brick" & leads to loss of friends & family.
"Pink Floyds The Wall" is about a man named Pink who, after: losing his father in WWI, having an overprotective mother, abusive teachers, having his wife cheat on him, and many other things, builds a wall and shuts the world out.
by j-phlak September 17, 2010
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The main campus-wide party at New College of Florida in the central courtyard of the Pei Dorms, usually held every Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes but rarely held on weekdays.

A PCP (Palm Court Party) is like a wall but is generally attended by larger crowds and is open to large numbers of friends and guests of students.

The term "wall party" (as in a party next to the wall) was coined in the 70's. The term was later shortened to "wall".
"Who's throwing the wall this Saturday?"

"Are you going to the wall tonight?"

"The music at this wall sucks!"

"Whose idea was it to throw a classical music wall?"

"I got so drunk at the wall last night that I ended up passing out on the couch in Ham center!"
by The Empty Set November 4, 2009
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