The most magical place in all the world.
Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: I'm going to the most magical place in all the world!
Person 1: Jamaica??
Person 2: No idiot! The vagina.
Person 1: Lucky...
by Hawkman92 May 21, 2009
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A Safe warm Comfortable Place where you can lay waste. Its the place where People Cum From and Cum in. How I love you; You Vagina You.
by Hippididdle May 28, 2019
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He wasn't that attracted to me until he saw my vagina. After then i couldn't get him off me.
by Whoiswutbox August 24, 2009
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The female pleasure center and reproductive tool, whose needs men mistakenly believe they can satisfy while their women fake contentment and sneak into the bathroom later to find the real thing.
Maria stroked her lonely vagina consolingly.
by LorettaLee January 12, 2012
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In a male's lifetime, it is his overall goal to obtain this object. In many societies, after a male captures and tames this object he is praised and also looked down upon for stretching it out.
"hey bill, i heard sindy let you get a look at her vagina."
Bill begins to run...
by the bacon patrol July 6, 2010
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Something that you most definitely aren't getting if you're actually looking it up on Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1: Haha, look, i'm looking up Vagina on Urban Dictionary.
Guy 2: Tool.
by asdfghjklb February 7, 2010
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