THIS IS MISPELT!?! The correct spelling is SEPARATE.
Too many ignorami spell SEPARATE as seperate!
by Repete456 December 28, 2010
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the misinterpreted and incorrect way of spelling "separate" you dumb fuck
Kim: hey is this how you spell "separate"

John: no you fucking retard it's not "seperate" it's "separate"
by combatkid January 3, 2020
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when things are far apart
When your eyebrows no longer want you


Sidney groombridges eyebrows are dead ass seperated
Sidney groombridges eyebrows are slowly seperating from eachother, they got a divorce
by Bitc.hh February 15, 2016
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This occurs in most relationships when the bitch won't shut the fuck up.

See "Freedom".
Oh Praise the allmighty pimpslap, as it provided this man with his well earned peace, quiet, and seperation from his ho.
by J-Hoax July 23, 2010
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An adjective that holds two or more things or ideas to be different and distinct from each other(s)
Often misspelled as separate
Greek Hellenism is seperate from later Roman paganism from similar origins.
by Knight of Crows April 17, 2018
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Separation anxiety is when someone is afraid of being separated from a particular person, persons, or even a pet. While many people associate separation anxiety with children, adults can experience the condition as well
Freddy : dont leave or im going to be a dick !
Jol: Seperation anxiety bad !
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd May 30, 2019
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Technology that will be used in the future to enable most fuel cell powered vehicles to be fueled up with water instead of pure hydrogen.
Scientist- As you can see the molecular seperator is what enables the vehicle to fuel up with earths most common element, water.
by elite avennger January 8, 2010
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