26 definitions by Reuel Titus

Abbreviation: Contemporary Christian Rock, occasionally deraugatory
CCR music can present the Word just as well as old time Southern Gospel.

The search phrase "CCR Contemporary Christian Rock" did not result in any relevant results from Google.com (2003/10/10)
by Reuel Titus October 10, 2003
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I know there is another abbreviation for BTC but I'm not hip enough to know what it is.
by Reuel Titus October 20, 2003
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Requiring no clip.
Clipless bicycle pedals require no toe straps and are disengaged by rotating the foot.
by Reuel Titus October 20, 2003
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The fake cockroach on the wedding cake scared the bejeebers out of the nervous groom.
by Reuel Titus October 17, 2003
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Pardon my apparent neologisms, they are colloquial terms I learned from my father.
by Reuel Titus October 21, 2003
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Don't be so persnickative about what I put on your plate.

Speaker was born in Oregan's Willamette valley in 1933.
by Reuel Titus October 12, 2003
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