Someone from australia who doesn't give a crap about the rest of the world since they are surrounded by water. They play cricket while drinking beer and eating snags. They are amazing magical creatures, and you will know an Aussie by their.... exotic accent. Treat them with dignity and peace or they will feed you to the sharks in Nemo.
Person 1: Oh, is that an aussie
Person 2: i don't know, ask it about the footy last night
Aussie:* is now standing behind you* The footy you say?
by Do_I_Care June 24, 2019
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A cobber from the awsome race we call Australians. He or she is likely to excell in all kinds of sports, drinking beer, talking the ear of a grasshopper or just being a plain old funny prick.
The aussie who didn't give a fuck what other countries talk shit about, drank 45 beers after watching the footy.
by Benno June 10, 2003
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A Person from Australia, who:
-Likes beer (but doesn't drink fosters)
-Conistently beats the English at all sports
-Is used to good weather, and hates the uk weather
-Thinks the Kiwi's shag sheep
-Doesn't claim Russel Crowe as an aussie
-Thinks beer is the aussie equivalent of a health drink
-Thinks the English, and 'Tasweigens' (Tasmanians) are in-bred
Aussie's are... who cares, pass me a beer.
by adrian1986 November 6, 2006
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I'm an aussie mate, I don't do that kind of shite you do here in America.
by Eric Bolding December 20, 2005
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Typically a shortened version of the word Australian. An Australian citizen is usually called an Aussie, sadly, this usually refers to the white, anglosaxen australian when talking about the Stereotypical "aussie".
Stereotypes of an Aussie are.

Heavy consumer of Beer,
Good at and enjoy Sports,
Bunch of singlet, thong wearing yobbos,
Beach goers,
etc etc.

While these are true for certain socio-economic groups in Australia they do not describe the majority of the Australian population, except for the love of a good quality beer, not american beer, (that stuff is awfull, too watery), and being good at sports for the most part, lead lives almost identical to all other western cultures.

Also its a known fact that the Australian government is one of the most successful governments of recent times due to the advances made in public services such as free public health care to everyone who is a citizen, very low unemployment rates, low interest rates, fast stable economic growth, well above average GDP per person, infact in the top 15 of the world i believe if not the top 10, and large surpluses every year, also Australia is one of the few countries that is totally debt free, and continues to maintain its surplus.

Also a note, while the "lebonese", aka "wogs", and the New Zealanders aka "Kiwis" cannot seem to provide positive definitions of Australian culture, for what ever reasons, such as jealousy or misguided contempt and use of ridiculous stereotypes, the average Australian is the same as any other average anglosaxen you'd find in a modern Western Culture, aka, has job, family, is not an alcoholic and earns a decent living.
Aussie, care free relaxed sports loving way of living.

Aussie short term used to describe an Australian

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!
by Zedicus August 9, 2007
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person whom calls australia home, though many dispute this, and state that to be truely Aussie you must

1)enjoy the frequent consumption of alcoholic beveridge's

2)partake in many vrious sports whether well or not e.g. back yard cricket 9but only if it invovles the one hand one bounce rule off of any structures in the yard)

3)have one mate by the name of either Davo, Robbo, or Nato (males names typically end in an O ) and know a shiela by the name of Shazza, ( which is short for sharon, cheryl, sharlene, though most females names end in an A )

4)must over use many of the Aussie slang words E.G. Bloke Mate shiela Bugger ocker onya bathers budgie smugglers yonks ranga yobbo bogan Biffderro mole not happy jan sky rocket staunch etc also if in doubt add an O to the end od the word.... e.g. lhow about a gamo of cricket mate....

5) must get into at least one major biff in the calender year

6)must follow at least one of the four major football codes religiously (AFL, NRL, Union, Soccer). knowing all details of the team's right back to who won the premiership in 1972

7) must watch the cricket and V8's when the footy season is not on (always with a bevy in hand)

8) All Aussies know the standard chants...

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Aussie Oi
Aussie Oi
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

come on aussie come on, come on
Come on aussie Come on

Aussie will also know the words to waltzing Matilda better that they know the words there own national anthem

9) and lastly an Aussie is renowned for being laid back. regardless of how his nieghbor hasn't mowed for weeks or how bad his PM is fowling up the country. The aussie would prefer to grab a cold one and hang out with mates down at the pub
"I can see that the aussies are going to win the ashes again this year"
"theres nothing more Aussie than a meat pie in one hand, a beer in the other, and sitting back to watch the footy"
by mugg_au October 16, 2007
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