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This word originated from the abreviation :
ROFL = Roll On Floor Laughing.
Which is a term widely used in internet chatrooms and instant messaging software.
Roffle evolved due to people readling ROFL like a normal word rather than spelling out each letter as R. O. F. L.

Roffle is therefore the casual friendly way to say ROFL and can be used as a verb in its own right:
Fluffy: I roffled for about ten minutes!

Nutty: Roffle
by Miss Fluffy August 28, 2003
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Derived from the term rofl.
Person2: Watafa? Stuff you.
Person1: Roffle roffle! Lamayo!
by Jerk The Mom December 02, 2003
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Verb: to laugh, said in response to something funny.

Derived from the acronym "rofl" which litterally means "rolling on the floor laughing".
"That shit had me rofflin so hard!"


"That joke was roffle inducing!"
by ZT June 07, 2005
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Often used in a tongue-in-cheek way, roffle means to be in hysterics. It comes from the internet acronym ROFL, which stands for rolling on the floor laughing. Similar to lollers.
"Oh my god, that show was so funny. I roffled for about 10 minutes when he made that joke about the fat guy."
"Ess Tee Eff Yoo"
by James Bond 007 April 15, 2006
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A rare but fun sexual favor in which one person sits on a waffle iron (on or off depending on preference) long enough to get waffle marks on their ass cheeks. After this anywhere from one to five guys beat off on the person's "waffle ass", making what looks like an ass waffle with jizz syrup. Hence, the roffle.
Matt is happy because his girlfriend's flabby ass is perfect for the roffle.
by Helman May 03, 2005
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