Reid said he's got some mids, but im tryin to get some nuggs.
by d=rt January 29, 2003
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Mid is short for mid grade weed,which is not the best and not the worst pot.Which brings "mid" into place.Middle grade marijuana.
"You slangin mid now,cuzz?"
by Product- May 01, 2010
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Marijuana of varying potency and quality depending on the particular area. For instance, some may call mids marijuana that is as potent as dro but the buds are not as shapely and contain seeds and some stems. They are also lamp dried so the smoke is harsher and not as tasteful. Mids may also be seedless, low stem bud that is easier to brake up but the potency may not be as high so it takes more to get the desired effects.

Mids are what many people start on and what many low budget or occasional smokers stay on.
My buddy wanted to grab a sac of dro but I told him that we can get twice the ammount of mids dor the same price and roll a few blunts.
by Chris the man johnson March 02, 2008
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A word that holliston high schoolers say that really has no defined definition, but basically means bad. Only the whitest of juniors/senior boys will say it.
Oh, mr Kelley is gonna drug test all of us on Monday? That’s mids. We’re not gonna pass that shit.
by bigphatbopski November 19, 2017
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That grey area between nuggets and shwag. Always cheaper, but the qualitity
may be much diffrent from strain to strain.
person A- Did you hear about those mids for $40 a quarter?
person B- Are they those good mids or that shake, shwag shit?
by KoolMintFlava April 15, 2005
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Ecstasy/Molly. Short for pyramid. Pyramid/triangle is typically the shape you’ll see on a triple stack (ecstasy pill with 3 doses of mdma). Also a word for mid grade marijuana
Bussin out the mid, fonem off the xans
by IceGod September 08, 2018
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