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the two reasons why the world currently is a peice of shit
Religion: FOR ALLAH! *explosion*
Politics: FOR OIL! *invade middle east*
by largo September 27, 2004
when water evaporates after reaching over 100 degree's celcius
holy shit, that water just evaporated at 100 degree's! thats some steamy shit
by largo November 14, 2003
aussie dominated area of sydney

only known place in sydney not to have lebs in it
sutherland is a nice place, too many fkn bush fires
by largo September 17, 2004
Public transport in sydney, use for the trains and known for dodgy trains
The most unreliable peice of shit public transport in the world!

Announcement: This train has been cancelled by 460 minutes! Cityrail apologizes for any inconvenience
Me: ...
by largo November 1, 2004
Rumoured to be of existance, they surpass the super bro

Rarely seen in the same group, if 3 or more ultra bro's are within the same 1km radius, ground shakes, it rains tobacco & WRX parts

Ultra bro's can deflect bro explosion attack by returning masses of stupid results, only the 4 unit maths students have chance to defeat them by launching conics and calculus equations

They have an amazing dozen word vocabulary, have an amazing concetration span of 15 minutes

The existance of ultra bro's is evident, as destroyed letter boxes with sticks as a signiture of ultra bro's in the area
standard nerd: 2x + 3x = 5x
standard bro: *bro explosion*
standard nerd: *explode*
4 unit student: (p*(1-x/(b-a))+(q*(1-k)^2+p*(1-(1-k)^2) )*x/(b-a),
ultra bro: *explosion*
by largo December 2, 2004
Software design and development

New subject available for schools in sydney, unfortunatley lots of cases of really crap teachers who don't know visual basic, leaving the very small majority who can use a computer prior to learn them selves
Teacher: OK class today! im going to teach you that you are supposed ot use IF,THEN,ELSE,ENDIF statement 4 times in one psuedoprogram!
by largo September 22, 2004
The special K.O. attack nerds use at a school to defeat the super bro

IT can occur while launching masses of equations, chemistry information, physics momentum theorys etc...
leb: WTF you little nerd ill smash ya
nerd: 3x-4-5034=54-5=/5-43=4-4_^7434-3-4=
*bro explosion*
nerd: victory!
by largo November 19, 2004