Another way of agreeing to a statement a.k.a. "I'm saying", but usually pronounced with more sass and a bitchy undertone

Derived from Korean-Canadians, street slang used to say "i'm saying" or "you already know"

Shortened version of "I'm telling you"
Anna: Yo, Clara, did you see what Monique was wearing today. She looked like she went to the zoo after shopping at a thrift-shop and got attacked by every feline in that joint
Clara: Yooo, I'm telling man
by $$kash February 15, 2014
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usually said by younger sibling to get you in deep shit with your parents
me: HA I beat you at the game
sibling: I'm telling on you
me: no ya not
*hits sibling*
by wake me up insidedeath March 8, 2017
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The three scariest words of your childhood. Almost always made you panic and try to stop your sibling from telling on you.
Me: *hits brother*
Brother: I'm telling Mom!
Me: No, please, I'm sorry! I'll give you all my Starburst if you don't tell.
Brother: Fine.
by Corvus118 February 2, 2016
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when you agree with the person talking. to understand where a person is coming from
It is hot as hell out here, "i'm tell".
by JaMekia G April 10, 2006
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In reference to Ron Paul's first tv ad for the Republican New Hampshire Primaries.

When this comment is spoken/written, it is meant to be funny.
(As seen in online message boards) Did you see that Ron Paul has 60,000 members in meetup groups? He's catching on, I'm telling ya.
by Angel Messenger November 3, 2007
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What oversensitive preschoolers say when they don't get their way.
First kid: Let's play on the swings!
Second kid: I'd rather play on the toy horsey.
First kid: Waaah, you're mean! I'm telling!
by sjenetmkp March 28, 2010
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Stern saying when you are trying to tell someone something;being stern;to the point
You done took three of my fucking beers tonight that's the last one I'm tryna tell ya!
by Shorty Reese November 8, 2016
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