People of Bangladesh. Not Every Bengali is Bangladeshi. Ok? No, we're not Indian as well.

I swear that's annoying as hell.
A: Hey man! What's your nationality?
B: Bangladeshi.
A: I mean which country are you from?
B: Bangladesh.
A: That's in India right?
B: *Slaps A*
by Noob guy June 12, 2021
The French of the Asian people. They are very snobbish. They have the best curry and literature in the world. They love to debate and write opinionated articles in the newspapers.
Bangladeshis love Paris because they are like Parisians . Total snob !
by Frenchbengali August 4, 2017
People originating or residing in the nation of bangladesh. Bengalis are often described as warrior poets, highly cultured but with incredible fighting spirit. Despite the prevalence of poverty and numerous hardships, Bangladeshis are stoic and headstrong.

Overseas bangladeshi and pakistani kids are usually gangstas or hardcores who bash indian nerds for fun. It is typical that hindus, who possess higher intellectual ability are generally dominated by muslims, no matter the context or period of time.
Man 1 :Where are you from?
Man 2 : I'm from Bangladesh dawg.
Man 1 : Oh you're Bangladeshi. You guys are f***ing gangsta. I respect your fighting bangaldeshi muslim warrior spirit.
by bengali_playa_G September 24, 2006
Bangladeshi girls are South Asian and majority of them are quite short from 4ft9-5ft6. Their complexion is mainly considered of fair-skinned to tan. Bangladeshi girls are known for their long, black...almost perfect hair which is normally straight-curly hair...majority is most likely either straight/wavy. Banglaheshis are very culture orientated and like to keep with family and traditions. Bangladeshi families are persistent on their children to become Doctors/Lawyers however, end up running or taking the next lead of a family business e.g. Becoming a chef in their dads restaurant business or maybe even manager/partner. This is not with all families but is very common to know or hear someone that does.
That Bangladeshi girls hair was sooo silky, damn
by URBANOUTFITTERSS November 26, 2015
When the island of bangladesh floods. This created gangsta war between the deep side and shallow side.
In the Bandladeshi flood, shajir keeps it real for the deep side.
by deepside love March 2, 2004
What you call your asshole after an ill advised night of feasting upon any kind of middle-eastern food.
Johnny: Estick What are you doing in there, we have to go!
Estick: Cool it Johnny I got a mean Bangladeshi Slaughterhouse going on in here, I'll need at least another hour.
by The Ugly Barnacle April 7, 2015
The Bangladeshi beanie is the act of using one’s beanie cap to pick up their dog’s poop, as if it were a standard issue plastic waste bag found in any neighborhood park. Rather than disposing of it, however, the user places the beanie over their girlfriends head, covering her eyes before going down on her with a palm full of peanut butter. The user inconspicuously wipes some peanut butter on his girlfriends vagina, whistles for the dog, and sits on her chest. The user proceeds to masturbate onto the beanie as the dog laps up her peanut butter covered vagina.
Larry: bro! I gave my gf a Bangladeshi beanie last night.

Carl: what’s that?

Larry: I covered her head with a beanie filled with dog shit and beat off on her face while the dog ate her out.

Carl: didn’t she try to escape?

Larry: yeah but I was sitting on her chest!!
by Ghislaine Maxwell June 30, 2022