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The Arabic word for God. Not only the Islamic God, but any God.
Oh Allah help me.
by niggardly666 June 15, 2017
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Allah doesn't mean "God" as perceived by ignorant people. It means "The God" (emphasis on "The", a definite article in English, thus emphasizing that "He is The only God". The word "lah" may be translated as god (Emphasis on small care "g").
Allah = ("The" God)
lah = god
by Gaali Expert December 26, 2015
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The classic Arabic word for God.

Also, in the original Christian Bibles, God is referred to as Allah. In old Hebrew, the word 'Elohim' refers to God (holding similarity to the Arabic word 'Allahum' meaning 'God is'.
No, you ignorant fuckhead, Allah is not exclusive to Islam. Allah is supposed to be the same god as in Judiasm and Christianity.
by Hassan February 16, 2005
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the Almighty one, He created all the living things in the whole universe. Allah is the only place we seek for help and forgiveness. From Allah we live, to Allah we belong. Islam is perfect
Ya Allah, forgive all my sins and help me. Guide me to the right path ya Allah. Laillahailallah muhammadarrasulullah, Allahuakbar
by Imtherealestaf April 22, 2018
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Allah is the name of God in Arabic, It used by Muslims. Allah is the creator of this world, Allah is not a human and so does not have any children and is not a male or female.

All the racist and ignorant comments criticizing Muslims of being terrorists are wrong, you cannot judge a whole nation on media lies, do not judge Muslims you have no right, and if you ever actually read the Quran you will realize that Islam is a religion about peace.
by Hazel900 January 23, 2012
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The one God, not a god, not exclusively Islamic, as the definition above fallaciously claims. Allah is the only God, the god of all three Abrahamic faiths. "Allah" is the Arabic word for "God".
I pray to Allah in my time of need
by The Scholar March 27, 2005
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The Arabic word for God. Used by Christian Arabs as well as Muslim and Jewish Arabs. Not exclusive to any religion in the same way that the English word "God" is not exclusively used by any religion.
The first sentence of the bible, Genesis 1:1 "First God made heaven & earth". In the Arabic bible the same thing is mentioned with God replaced by its Arabic translation, Allah.
by Student T July 29, 2005
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