Also a Canadian term, shortened form of 'Lebanese'. Can be considered derogatory, possibly similar to 'jap'.

In the derogatory sense, it is used to refer to the stereotypical Lebanese male of highschool age - one who is often seen wearing the latest, most expensive fashion trend. The stereotype also has extremely gelled, spiked hair, and drives a 'trendy' import car (eg. 240sx, civic). The stereotypical Leb is quick to anger and to provoke arguments, will engage in physical confrontation provided he has numerous friends in close vicinity, and will stop at nothing to shift blame.
Leb: Yo cousin, check out my new ride. Wullah it has vtec.

Guy: That's a shopping cart.

Leb: Sharmoota!
by smokewrench July 9, 2006
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people who only fight when they call their cousins or friends
you can fight a leb by himself and win but watch out if he gets his phone out
how do you win a fight witha leb? take out his sim card
by shh August 10, 2004
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Short for Lebanese.
Any Lebanese migrant is a leb or lebo. The lebs from the Lakemba area of Sydney are muslim refugees from their civil war.
Leb children born in Australia are now aged up to 30. these lebs are particularly dangerous from the age of 16. They posess an evil gene which causes them to hunt white girls, then gang rape them.
Lebs are normally found in McDonald's car park in packs of 5 or more, they also can be found in large packs at free entry strip clubs. Often lebs will drive around town repeatedly in a defective 4 cylinder Japanese car. Windows are always down emiting loud bass drum sounds.
Lebs are easy to recognise. Generally they wear expensive looking clothes and jewellery. Hair style is normally spike and mullet with shaved pattern in the sides. Facial hair varies a lot, often a thin line down each cheek. Monobrow shaved or waxed in the centre. Very strong repulsive cologne.
A single leb is harmless and a coward who will not fight. But like rats they have strength in numbers. A threatened leb can quickly summon more lebs to help bash an Aussie who looks at them sideways.
Beware the mobile phone, the leb's most powerful tool. If you accidently startle a leb and he reaches for the mobile, you must destroy the phone immediately, thus rendering the leb harmless.
"you shouldn't catch the train at night. You may get rolled by a pack of filthy lebs."

"That dirty leb wasn't so tuff without all his mates to back him up."
by Adam Johns April 15, 2007
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Usually seen around the sydney area of lakemba, auburn, bankstown etc
Walk in groups and death stare the innocent but when a larger group walks by they would put their heads down.
fights in packs and never alone due to their inbread family connections.
Usually when there is a group of 5 or so lebs and are confronted by an azn with a baseball bat they run because they are a bunch of pansies that will only retaliate if they overpower the enemy by 20/1
leb: hit him bro cummon its only one of him
leb2: nah habib he has a bat
leb: dw we got 5 people!
leb2: but im scared
leb: okay lets just run
Leb families usually consist of more than 10+ children which most of them have really bad BO, when you get onto a train with them you can literally suffercate in worse case scenarios.
They usually wear athletic looking clothes like tommy hilfiger, addidas, nike and wear baseball caps. Yet 80% of them are fat, obese, ugly and their body hair is similiar to a gorillas anus.
leb: oh mah goddddd look at that ugly aussie mut (while walking with a group)
leb2: haha did you see him ? he was scared shitless of us habibiii
( larger group of azns walk past )
leb: dont look cuz dont look just keep walking
leb2: omg i think i just shit myself
azns: bunch of fags
by Urban legend 69 December 2, 2007
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Lebs, a unique race that specially comes out of their mothers asshole instead of the vagina during birth. Side effects of this medical phenomenon include but are not limited to: Having down syndrome, have strong desire to reproduce with their mothers and relatives, spend their entire lives talking about cars but only afford Hyundai's, extremely ugly face and the belief that pork is bad but secretly stuff themselves with bacon at night during an annual ritual called "Ramadan" and last but not least they stink like their mother's anus.
Hamit : Ay cuz, my sister (mother,cousin,girlfriend) just gave birth to a baby leb

Akmed : Fark your sisters arsehole must be the size of a basketball hoop now then ay?

Hamit : fark oath, i sleep in their sometimes when the cops are looking for me..
by Hovie Tran October 31, 2010
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Lebs consider themselves elite, can't spell for one, and think that carrying a gun is a skill*flash back* lebs vs azn in liverpool, fifteen lebs come with baseball bats, chains and turbo charged shit box 2000, 5 minutes later two azns arrive with a hand gun...and of course being pussy whipped they run home to have another family reunion so they can make out with their cousins, sisters, mums, and do all other bisexual activities with their relatives, the only "underworld" about lebs is that they can even get up and put on their pants every morning, true popular leb figures are....(there are none), or maybe that guy posing as that gay teletubbie, and that lebo wiggle. Money can't be illegal, its called counterfeit dumbshit, and the only reason lebs are in gangs is because they are the lowest pathetic creatures, and can't get a job and their income comes from selling "sim cards" aka to lebs as "illegal drugs"

policeman-"hey look! theres a car full of lebs, lets pull them over"
.......... that's leb-tastic!
by i am gay lebo January 13, 2005
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Short for "Lebanese", used casually among Lebanese to refer to each other, or by white Australian bigots as some sortof derogatory. Lebs are either Arab or Armenian (5% only), and many Palestinian refugees also fled to Lebanon. The language is a hybrid of Syrian Arabic and French, and to a lesser extent English, Portugese, Greek, Turkish, and Armenian. Lebs are famous for their food, their festivals (ussually around Churches or Mosques), and have a somewhat deserved reputation for being loud, somewhat crazy, and clannish. Lebanon suffered a brutal 15-year civil war which made us over-protective and sometimes paranoid, and our mountain roads make us the world's best drivers. Lebs are a huge mix of religeions; Greek Orthodox/Catholic, Maronite Christian, Sunni/Shi'a Muslim, Druze, and Armenian Christian and the civil war was largely fought along sectarian lines. Huge Leb communites exist in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, France, North America and all over Europe.
crazy dad-who is this, what you want to do with my daughter?
normal leb girl- relax baba, he's a Leb
by tuma December 30, 2005
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