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Slang for sloppy handwriting. When somebody (mostly guys) has such sloppy handwriting that it looks like they are writing in Arabic. I am quite fluent myself.
*A friend is copying your paper*

"I can't understand this sentence"

"Oh, I guess you need some help translating my Arabic"
by ab187 April 02, 2010
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one hell of a language where every word sounds like a drunken great grandfather snorting a line of crack.
Arabic in a nutshell-

terrorist 1- Derka Derka Mohammad Allah Jihad!
terrorist 2- lalalalal derka derka derka
by Miracle is a fat fuck May 29, 2011
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Arabic is the language of the arabs n the language at which the Quran was sent f
Magy:what do u think of the Arabic language?
Moon:I think it's easy.There are many words in english borrowed from arabic as: "cotton,sugar......Etc."
by Moonlight April 24, 2006
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The language of Arabs. It is a very complex language, with over 5 different main dilects and influence over many other languages.

During the Middle Ages, Arabic was of great importance for many European countries because of it's involvment in science, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

In addition, it is an enchanting language with it's rich and infinite vocabulary, and it's beautiful calligraphy.
Some dude: Hey, can you teach me to be a total fucking genius just like you?

Other dude: Fo shizzle, let's start with the basics. Arabic consists of 28 letters.
by twinkywinky September 16, 2009
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(v) When two dicks have a sword fight for one vagina. The winner is rewarded to a dick dance up to the girls mouth and when he cums, it is in a turban fashion onto her head.
Me and Tom arabiced all night for Shafawnda's vajay.
by JEP D-MRA March 30, 2008
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