Would have been a more popular langauge if half of its consonants weren't so hard for non-arabs to pronounce.

Arabic is also one of the few languages where it is compulsory to write in cursive: every American's nightmare.

Believe it or not, Arabic is way easier to learn than Japanese, though, at least when it comes to reading and writing. And if you learn Arabic, you'll look way cooler than that classmate who's fluent in Japanese.
Karl: I stil can't pronounce 25% of the arabic letters right.
Carl: Stop complaining, dude, I still can't read and write in Japanese.
by EpicScientician September 18, 2021
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Arabic is the language of the arabs n the language at which the Quran was sent f
Magy:what do u think of the Arabic language?
Moon:I think it's easy.There are many words in english borrowed from arabic as: "cotton,sugar......Etc."
by Moonlight April 24, 2006
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The language of Arabs. It is a very complex language, with over 5 different main dilects and influence over many other languages.

During the Middle Ages, Arabic was of great importance for many European countries because of it's involvment in science, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

In addition, it is an enchanting language with it's rich and infinite vocabulary, and it's beautiful calligraphy.
Some dude: Hey, can you teach me to be a total fucking genius just like you?

Other dude: Fo shizzle, let's start with the basics. Arabic consists of 28 letters.
by twinkywinky September 17, 2009
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In Baltimore slang, an Araber is an outdoor roving fruit vendor. The name comes from the term "arabale goods." Most arabers are not Arabic. This profession is mentioned in the show "Homicide: Life on the Streets."
I bought myself a peach from the Araber cart on the way home from work.
by Chuck Jennings April 7, 2007
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The act of lagging across the map in an online free fps game while gaining kills and teleporting therefore being invincible.

Usually has the maximum ping available in a game (ex. 999).
Mike Hawk: WTF that guy wont die and is teleporting
Harry Richards: wow hes arabing
by Mister Buster November 15, 2009
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Unlike what most shitheads on this site say. A historic and esteemed ethnic group that inhabits the Middle East and some parts of North Africa. Well known for creating and incubating one of the largest advanced civilizations in world history. Examples include Andalusia, Baghdad, and many others.

Like any group on earth, has its pros and cons, but it seems the favorable group to bash on at the moment are the Arabs.

Brace yourself for the ride!
Arabs are ignorant terrorists! A redneck says, as he looks at the Arabic numerals lining the Arabian exported gas he puts in his car.
by abedula March 27, 2018
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A funny people, that love to joke, people who run the hospitality game, they feed you until you’re full and then some. Known for their delicious food and tea and their weird obsession with drinking bitter coffee. The find enjoyment in feeding people and helping people, an Arab will judge you, but they won’t spread your news, at the end of the day, they believe that your business is your business.

Painted horribly and treated horribly by western society, treated as if they’re terrorists when westerners are the real terrorists, but sadly they control the media, don’t trust the media.

The Arabs are an ethnic group, a minority that has been mistreated for hundreds of years and labelled as savages, when truly they are the epitome of civilisation; responsible for the invention of the wheel, the invention of the numbers you use today, without Arabs you’d still be using Roman numerals and the zero would cease to exist, they are also responsible for many advances in medicine, science, engineering and maths.

Whilst it is true that during The British Empire, slaves were taken from countries in Africa, what western history fails to mention is that slaves were also taken from Asian countries and that includes the middle east for those of you that find geography so baffling.

A people that have given so much but continue to be treated horribly but hopefully their time will come soon...
Yo my friend is crazy hilarious, that’s how you know he’s one of those Arabs.
by Raazza January 22, 2018
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