Short for "Vampire Pussy"; meaning that she's, "gone before dawn!"
Guy A: "...still man, she wan't there this morning?"
Guy B: "Nope, Serious V P! Prolly won't even see 'er till midnight tonight!"
by Nick Brodersen May 11, 2008
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Those tight spandex pants, also the lululemon pants, you can see girls vagina's through them.
Check out the VP on that babe.
by Noobking December 10, 2006
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Village Park!!! in encinitas, ca..best place ever....
by T April 09, 2005
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An acronym for "Visual Pollution". Used to describe a very ungly person.
"Oh my god did u see that girl she was a total V.P."
by jozz September 12, 2005
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Short for "Vegas Puppy."
An artist, musician, magician, or other alternative-culture type who lives in Sin City.
Wow! That guy rocks on the guitar! You said he's from Vegas? He's totally a VP!
by s&m February 17, 2004
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