A beautiful friend who deserves the world. She’s a rare person, and you only meet her once in your lifetime, so don’t blow your first shot at being her friend-you may never get it again. Brenna is a sweet, charming, compassionate, and talented young lady. If the world had more people like her, society would be a much better place. Once you meet your Brenna, never let go of her; Rob every star from the sky, toss her troubles in the seas, and paint the skies her favorite color, anything you need to do to see her gorgeous smile. This girl is seriously a once in a lifetime person. When you meet Brenna, you’ll stop chasing the happiness you’ve been searching for your whole life, and flowers will grow in the darkest parts of your mind and heart.

“You’ve been on your phone for HOURS, who could possibly be that important?!”
“I’m talking to Brenna, silly.”

“Brenna? Like, THE Brenna? Lucky!!!”
“Yeah, I really am...”
by @Tay February 11, 2019
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A funny young woman, who is strong and is a good friend to have around. She is a joker and loves to have fun. She is always comforting and try's her best 100%
Friend: Hey Brenna can you help me?

Brenna: Of course
by JackieGIRL101 November 15, 2018
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Brenna is the most beautiful woman you'll ever meet. Brenna's are extremely rare, and possess unparalleled physical beauty, and countless other amazing qualities, including, but not limited to; strong, independant, intelligent, silly, talented, compassionate, and humble. Brenna's are at home in nature, and love life. Brenna's are passionate and strong with their convictions. If you manage to get the attention of a Brenna; Brenna's are perfectly flawed, and require, great patience, understanding, and unconditional love. Brenna's are appreciative, and give the same in return. Love her madly.
Oh that's Brenna, she's amazing!
I am madly in love with Brenna!
by dis guy85 April 7, 2016
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A beautiful, wonderful girl. Most if the time is feisty and fierce. Will stand up for what she thinks. Very emotional. Has black or dirty blonde hair with green eyes. In Gaelic, Brenna means "raven haired beauty." It's true Brenna is beautiful. Guys drool just thinking about her. A great singer and dancer. Is not afraid to speak her mind. A great pal.
Man, that girl is great at negotiation! She must be Brenna.
by iluvreadingbooks May 21, 2014
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A beautiful person who is smart and funny she cares about the people she likes and loves and she doseems not like being in small spaces wI think a lot of people
That brenna is smart.
by Brenna123 March 29, 2017
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Down to earth
Always makes me smile
Best girlfriend a guy could have
by Tj4yx December 24, 2011
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Is da shit. Very pretty, very strong, rejected by the jealous but loved by many. Strong minded & does not put up with bull shit. Very sexy, & wanted to be tapped my many.
Dude, that girl is a total Brenna.
by AlbertFreakingEnstein August 6, 2011
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