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What vain really is,a someone who cares alot about themselves, has a mirror in hand at any given time. Cares alot about looks, always in style, usually come from a well off family with loads of money to spend on stupid brand name clothing, gucci hats and $400 shoes...Can be a girl or boy. People usually hate them since they feel so comfortable about themselves and others are just jealous.They think that their the best in everything and that theres always an easy way out because their dad or mommmy has a lot of money so they can always run to them. Vain teens usually have it best of things,cash,cars,clothing and easier than others, having expensive things to brag about. In short words, full of it, conceited,best friend is the mirror..and drug store and mall.....worships money...
A young man in my class always has a mirror in handy. He has two lockers, one for acadamic the other for his extra clothes, whitestrips, and other nicknacs. This guy is NOT gay just too full of himself, he thinks the world really cares what he wears and if his teeth are white enough. He needs to live in a 3rd world country and see that people there don't spend $50 a month to but the new premium 18 month crap whitestrips....
by Annoyed at vain people May 08, 2005
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Someone who thinks this song is about them.
You're so vain. You probly think this song is about you, don't you. - Carly Simon
by NotStephen Colbert January 26, 2009
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Someone who thinks extremely highly of themselves. Someone who is vain normally thinks they are better than everyone else, and you will often find them looking in a mirror. See 'conceited.'
Maria thinks she is the shit. She is so vain.
by Steve August 06, 2004
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Excessively proud of their appearance; conceited, arrogant, narcissistic.
You skizanks are so dizamn vain, honestly, can one be anymore conceited about their looks?
by Sibyl Vane May 27, 2004
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Vanity or being vain is when you think highly of yourself especially ones appearance (being very proud of yourself to a point of arrogance)...self love...conceited...being confident is one thing...being vain is another!
My bf blowaves his hair,then straightens it then adds products,spends more time in the bathroom than me,then struts around thinking his god gift to woman!

"Luke is so vain"
by Beth_pwned_the_rock_show May 08, 2007
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Something can be described as vain if it produces no result, a futile effort, or something pointless.
"What were you doing last night?"
"I was counting sheep, it was a vain attempt to sleep: it didn't work."
by Kabomba February 26, 2012
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Something for which most people are too hypocritical to understand. It's also the reason beautiful people make more money and have more friends.
Your boss: Jeff, you've got a beautiful, trustworthy face and dress in vain, custom-made suits. I'm giving you a promotion and a raise!
by fuck_humanity November 07, 2013
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