A man of great culture who has mastered both his intelligence and creativity. He is often quite noisy and has a lot of fun.

Mostly associated with a big dick, Glenn is quite an arousing man as well. He usually gets the girls and treats them with respect.
James: He’s so cool
George: Yeah, he’s such a Glenn!
by Oxford Corpus December 4, 2018
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Glenn is a person that jokes alot, easy to talk to and a person .
I have a crush on Glenn he is soooo cute i love his eyes.!~!!!!!!
by allison McCracken April 7, 2015
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A guy that looks tough and scary at first but is actually a sensitive little baby. He has a few friends that he is really tight with and wants to do everything with them. He has many emotions and gets hurt really easily. He is also the type to like a girl for a very long time always thinking about her 24/7. He has SO many emotions locked up inside but is afraid to tell it to others because he doesn’t want to be clingy. He also has a lot of dark secrets, and did multiple stuff in his past which he regrets every single day. He always has ONE best friend and they both love each other but glenn has a lot of secrets that he has yet told his friend. So if you ever meet a glenn in your life remember he gets hurt really easily!
Your so emotional you’re such a GLENN
by Your true bsf November 30, 2018
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He is good looking yes. I wanted him as soon as I seen him. He is..distinctive- his voice, his looks, how he makes me feel. I can feel his presence enter the room with my eyes shut.
I don’t know what love is but I can easily love Glenn
by jjayneellen November 24, 2019
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Glenn, someone who jokes alot and can make no sense what he is saying half of the time. More of a sporty person who always fall down but get back up stronger all the time. He also hides some of his emotions in his heart. When on the outside he may be lazy and nonsensical, but the nicest person you have ever met.
Person 1 :Glenn, what do you mean
Glenn : Ok
by LowKey Dictionary March 25, 2017
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Glenn is a type of guy who gets what he wants when he wants and how he wants it. He is also tall and handsome with killer game. Don't try to cross him though because once you piss him off there is no coming back.
He always gets the girl he wants he constantly pulls a glenn.
by The only right answer March 14, 2017
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an awsome father figure who is a very loving man who gets knocked down but always gets back up stronger than ever
u r such a Glenn
by wawawawawawwawawawa October 19, 2011
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