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Glenn is a person that jokes alot, easy to talk to and a person .
I have a crush on Glenn he is soooo cute i love his eyes.!~!!!!!!
by allison McCracken April 07, 2015
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Glenn, someone who jokes alot and can make no sense what he is saying half of the time. More of a sporty person who always fall down but get back up stronger all the time. He also hides some of his emotions in his heart. When on the outside he may be lazy and nonsensical, but the nicest person you have ever met.
Person 1 :Glenn, what do you mean
Glenn : Ok
by LowKey Dictionary March 24, 2017
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a guy with a huge dong that every chick digs and wants to suck off
girl 1: omg u see cody over there
girl 2: omg ya hes such a glenn lets go give him mouth release.
by dndgnszhtx54 April 12, 2009
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an awsome father figure who is a very loving man who gets knocked down but always gets back up stronger than ever
u r such a Glenn
by wawawawawawwawawawa October 19, 2011
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Glenn is a type of guy who gets what he wants when he wants and how he wants it. He is also tall and handsome with killer game. Don't try to cross him though because once you piss him off there is no coming back.
He always gets the girl he wants he constantly pulls a glenn.
by The only right answer March 14, 2017
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a sweet and sensitive guy that hides his emotions to act tough even though on the inside he could be the nicest guy you know. hes funnny but sometimes takes a joke too far. he likes long walks on the beach at night and likes to lay down in the sand and look at the stars above to just think about everything. and he likes coloring pictures of him and "his girl" as he says as smurfs.
"i wish i was friends with that kid!" "yea i know, hes such a glenn"
by buuuuuuurdtheturrrrrrd August 20, 2011
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