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to do a magician you need a few things. 1. 3 people one being a girl and yourself and a good frined with equal dick size. 2nd be in a room on the first floor with a good window view. fuck your girl doggy style then switch out with your friend without her knowing he is involved. sneak out of the house and go to the window outside and knock and wave

you guys have the magician and the phantom confused
jenny was confused when she saw the person outside who she thought was fucking her....she thought that he was some kind of magician
by Drinell October 10, 2005
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Noun: a friend who is usually only called upon by a friend when a more primary/prominent friend is unavailable.

Taken from the term β€œsecond string” in an athletic competition situation. In football, if the star quarterback gets injured during a play, the second string is called off the bench to replace him/her. A β€œSecond String Friend” is essentially benched until needed, if ever.

Synonyms: Plan B, Second Choice, Secondary Friend, Benched Until Needed
I got a call from X the other night. She had an extra ticket to a concert she bought for a friend, but they couldn’t make it so she called me to ask if I wanted to go because I am her Second String Friend.
by Deus-ex-machina August 26, 2020
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(n.) Someone who practices in the art of illusion and magic to entertain others.

Often believed to also hold special abilities and manipulations through incantations, spells, etc.
Kid 1: My mom hired a magician for my birthday!
Kid 2: Ooh, that should be fun.
by Shifty Eyed Goat July 25, 2004
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After giving anal sex to a woman, spit salivia on her back and when she turns around blow your load in her face.
Dude, I just gave this girl a magician. It was great.
by Bryce Rennell December 23, 2003
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noun; A master of manipulation. A Magician can control anyone and everyone he wants to by merely speaking to them. He knows how to read a persons' emotions by looking into their eys... once this is done, he can evaluate what has been read and determine the best way to interact with that person to get what he wants. What he wants is rarely sex, though it would be easily in his ability to obtain that. The Magician considers himself an enigmatic figure, and is devoted to studying human emotion ( i.e what causes emotion in people, and what effect it can have on them.).

This means that the Magician is adept at handling multiple partner relationships, and can usually keep said relationships going for long periods of time.
Guy 1: Dude! That guy's got.. what.. 8 different girls?
Guy 2: Yeah man! And he's kept 'em going for l7 months!
Guy 1: Shit! And none of them know ANYTHING about the others?!
Guy 2: Nah, bro. This dude is a fucking MAGICIAN.
by The Magician August 01, 2006
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1: A party entertainer who amuses party-goers with small feats of slight of hand.
2: A true practitioner of magic. A lost art in today's world.
1: "That magic trick you did at the party last night was awesome!"
2: "That man is a true Magician in every sense of the word. His spell was perfect."
by ILTKid November 19, 2011
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a powerful and stunning individual who takes all your fears away & replaces it with magic and happiness. These individuals are brilliant, intelligent and extremely attractive, yet they are very humble and heal without you even realizing. They exude an aura of enchantment and use affection as their wand. Very lovable and easy to fall in love with. They are wonderful individuals who make a lasting impression in your life. Extremely rare to encounter so pretty please consider yourself very blessed if you have one in your life.
person 1: today all my fears went away when i met Dr. Jake
person 2: my gosh, he must be a Magician.
by cadburydairymilk June 30, 2010
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