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To urp: TO hurl, vomit, barf, zing
After running for an hour, I felt like I had to URP
by Stully March 08, 2004
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Uptight religious person. One who follows their religion exactly without thinking for themselves.
"Dione is an urp, she does whatever the church tells her to."
by Xavier Julius January 13, 2008
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When you do too many uppers (coke, tweak, speed) and you haven't slept or eaten and you're coming down and hella hungry and feeling like shit.
I was hella tweaking last night dude, I got the urps.
by lalaerafina November 07, 2009
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Undateable in the regular population. Someone who, for various reasons including brutal ugliness, complete lack of social wherewithal, or genitals shaped like a Pokemon character, would find it near impossible to date anyone other than another URP.
Jim: Hey man, how did your blind date go?

Roger: It was terrible. She looked like she got hit by an aircraft carrier, and all she could talk about was her twenty pet cats.

Jim: Wow. Sounds like a total URP.
by lazboy9876 November 20, 2010
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Stands for Utterly Random Person
Term used when a person who you dont know or recognise speaks to you like there your friend when in truth they WANT to be you friend
Dude avert eyes potential U.R.P!
by Adam intern October 17, 2004
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See: 1337, pwned, n00bed, and gg

uncommon word used by a few in first person shooters
by Giot February 08, 2003
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