Unable to take any action. Especially when referring to something that's usually powerful.
"So Initech won't be able to deal with this new virus?"
"Nope. They'll have their thumbs up their asses."
by 13431231232342345234 December 4, 2006
It is where things belong;)
Someone: Wheres my pen?
You: Up your ass!
by Heyitzimy April 8, 2019
an emotional state usually combining anger, annoyance, nervousness, or pain, in which the person is generally in a bad mood
She was acting like she had a crab up her ass after she didn't win the prom queen nomination.
by Brad Slocum May 26, 2005
Term used to describe the event in which a woman refuses in the participation in anal sex, but then surrenders as an act of playful tease.
"And just when i thought she wasnt interested, she gives up the ass". This is usually followed by "Ya damn right i took it, cos she dont got to tell me twice".
by JC June 12, 2004
When someone's behaviour is so superficial, selfish, difficult to tolerate, and morally reprehensible that the only foreseeable resolution is to sort them out by sodomising them within one inch of permanent rectal damage.

"That Emma is so full of shit, she always interrupts people in meetings."
"You know what she needs?"
"dick up the ass."
by arnold hungwell August 20, 2008
Describes the extent of a situation. Used when a normal situation becomes fucked up or retarded; but mostly just gay.
Leslie(boss): "You better clean this place up or else you're fired."
Felix(employee): "Ahh... this is fucking crooked up the ass."
by shwat September 25, 2007