17 definitions by Brad Slocum

When someone is overly snobbish or smarmy. The expression implies it is an everpresent part of their nature, ever since birth.
Alan was born with a silver spoon up the arse. That's why he has that accent and such....
by Brad Slocum October 25, 2005
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how good or cool something is;also coolness
that kid is nice and has a lot of goodnesstacity;that word is goodnesstacity
by Brad Slocum March 13, 2004
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recklessly, acting in a beligerent and often unsafe manner
Nigel charged blindlessly up the stairs
by Brad Slocum May 12, 2004
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an insulting term for any Apple company product excluding the ipod (see iplod)
I hate how no public school can aford anything other than mapples
by Brad Slocum February 26, 2005
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sneaking or stalking someone/thing;especially if you are a Zerg
kyle's lurkering around, I can hear his tentacles slithering
by Brad Slocum March 12, 2004
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Exlamatory phrase to describe pleasure one feels due to pleasing/superior characteristics of something, in reference to the pleasure of consuming heated beans of whatever kind.
Often used by people who rebel against the mainstream'd phrase 'cool beans,' which seems to denote pleasure in comparison to unheated beans.
Friend 1: I just got the new _______ CD!
Friend 2: Hot beans! Cany you burn me a copy?
by Brad Slocum December 29, 2005
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