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Why you should listen to the teacher in class.
(teacher finishes lecture)
Teacher: Okay now students, you may now begin your work.

Ben (whispering): Hey Chris, what are we doing?
Chris: Your MOM!!
by Nytesdawn October 30, 2012

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A test grade which will shortly be followed by the bullshit of your parents.
Johnny got an F on his math test.
by Nytesdawn October 08, 2012

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The ultimate site to procrastinate on.
Andrew was doing his homework, but then started looking up definitions on Urban Dictionary.
by Nytesdawn October 03, 2012

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Girl's way of pronouncing OMG (oh my god). It is pronounced Ah My God! or Ah Mah Gawd!
"AMG, these guys were trying to hit on me during chemistry today!"
"AMG, I bet they were trying to stick their test tubes into your skirt!"
by Nytesdawn August 02, 2012

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When you have a big turd hanging around your anus, but you refuse to let it out.
Billy was holding it up the ass in class today.
by Nytesdawn October 08, 2012

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The most badass macaroni... EVER!
"Yo dawg, did you see Tim yesterday? He was eating some damn swaggeroni and cheese."
"Bro, that kid's got serious swag."
by Nytesdawn February 26, 2013

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It may seem good now, but down the road it will fuck you in the ass one day... hard.
"Wow! Gary just asked me out! He's the hottest guy in the grade! I must be the luckiest girl on Earth..."
The next day...
"Just my luck! Gary took me to his place, tied me up, and started pounding his 10" long dong."
by Nytesdawn April 15, 2013

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