Most of all, people pleasers try to nourish other people without adequately nourishing themselves. We all know the line they say on airplanes, it’s become cliche: before helping anyone else put on their oxygen mask, put on your own. But this is as true in our emotional lives as it is in airplane safety. When we try to help others without actually being supportive of ourselves, we all end up running out of oxygen.
Person 1: unable to help haters.
by 911111101010101 March 25, 2019
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If a person who supports bad habits and destructive behaviour is an enabler, then a person who is unable to support these negative traits due to morals, a physical lack, or some other constraint is therefore an unabler. If you refuse to play into negative behaviours on someone's part then you are an unabler
Sorry to be an unabler, but I can't give you a cigarette I quit smoking too.
by Gypsy Judy June 22, 2007
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unable to can is the smart way of saying can't/can not
this phrase is only used by intellectuals which have a iq of over 10.
by Lewisanklegangman March 12, 2019
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"UtC" is a famous group of XbL bosses. They run your modems and your routers. They are gods at jacking accounts and run 50s all day in MM. Talk shit to them, and you're gonna be offline for a looooong time.
skid #1 Hey we're in MLG on our 50s and we finally found a match!

skid #2 NOOO!!! It's Unable To Connect, invite me to a party when you get back online.
by iTz AnoNyMouS iN HD February 23, 2011
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Synonym of I can’t even, when’s something is really funny and you can’t deal with it.
“This is my first time seeing this meme and I am unable lmfao
by lyfesgood April 10, 2018
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Person 1: Bro I can't sit properly.
Person 2: Are you bi?
Person 1: Yeah how'd you know?
Person 2: All bisexuals are unable to sit properly
by ani.png June 2, 2021
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When a nerd tries to hit on someone out of his league and gets rejected. The nerd is therefore unable to woo the person he is hitting on. Frequently comes in the form of a disgusted facial expression or the person walking away from the nerd looking like they saw a ghost.

Named after the infamous 404 web page error that occurs when the page is unavailable.
Alex tried to offer the woman a beer but instead got a 404 - Unable to Woo when he approached her.
by CL_FlushEntity June 6, 2006
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