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The main character of Hitman series. An assassin, cloned from 5 best criminals. Is bald, with barcode tatoo on back of his head. Dresses in black suit (with red tie). best known for using fibre wire and .45 silverbarrels. Sillent death, strikes precisely, kills only when absolutely nessesary. Great gardener and cataholic, gave that up when was forced out of retirement and betrayed by The Agency, his employer.
Mr. 47 is one of the best game characters. Also, one of the most silent.
by JC June 16, 2006
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brought to us by bill engvall. people should where a sign sying that they are stupid so you wouldnt rely on them.
a trucker got his truck stuck inder neath an over pass and a cop pulled over and asked him, "did you get your truck stuck?" the trucker replied, "no, i was haulin this over pass and i ran out of gas...here's your sign"
by JC September 28, 2004
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identifying a girl who isn't hot, but has large breasts
Yo check out that girl, shes pretty titty
by JC May 6, 2004
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The ghetto word for example. Spelt with a N instead of a M.
Yo this is an exanple!
by JC April 9, 2005
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's pet in "Kindergarten Cop". He would've liked to show Dominic his one-eyed ferret I'm sure.
"Good morning class, this is my ferret!"
by JC May 30, 2004
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A community college in northen virginia for university rejects
I'm only going to nova, but I'm transfering next semester.
by JC May 27, 2004
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1. A small town in central Illinois, near Peoria. It Consists of great establishments such as: The Short Loin, Shore Acres Park, The Chilli Bowl, Blarney Castle, a classic Pizza Hut and a gas station I used to steal from when I was a kid.
2. The best place in America to get some McDonalds and feed french fries to birds next to the Illinois river.
3. A good place to drive to when you are bored and want to see where the legend was brought up.
4. A great area to live in in the '80's and play 8-Bit.
Jake BO: Hey B, why is that geek JC always so obsessed with talking about Chillicothe.
by JC March 23, 2005
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