Being taken advantage of in a variety of situations. As if you're bending over, you're in a kind of vulnerable situation where people can easily shove stuff up your ass, and you're taking it with a faint smile.
If he rents this shitty apartment for as much money as their asking, he will totally be taking it up the ass.
by Jamie M. September 22, 2005
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up his ass
up her ass
meaning someone who is always on another persons case, like always together but even closer together, like 2 buddies hanging out, but one sayz y r u up my ass so much, or y r u up her ass so much...see get off my dick
invadeing one's space to much
being stuck together like glue, u might think of anal sex, but not this time...
i like being up everyones ass, but i hate when everyone is up my ass....
poparatzis r always up my ass...
my mother is always up my ass about homework...
girl: my bf is up my ass so much i bleed everytime he's up there!!!
by blthrskt December 19, 2005
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completely screwed over ie. something really shitty that happened and you can't do anything about it
Me and mah boys got completely raped up the ass when we lost at the race track, yo.
by supamonkey December 14, 2004
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A phrase used when you dont know or care where somthing is when asked.
person1-"wheres the remote?"
person2-"up my ass"
by fredbloggs2345 November 17, 2007
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Someone who is cold and frosty. Unfriendly.
He's so damn frosty he keeps an icicle up the ass to keep it warm.
by Craven W. January 22, 2014
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To become so cativated by another individual that you ignore all common sense, reasoning or rules.
She had his head up her ass so far that he didn't recall his responsibilities he was supposed to care for.
by Romello A-Z January 18, 2012
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A form of "pwnd" usually used in a sentence that needs particular emphasis, pending on the situation of course.
Situation used for "Pwnd up the Ass"-
Your friends boyfriend hits on your mom.
You have just been tricked out of a seat in a crowded area.
You have just spilled your Dr. Pepper.
"I just got Pwnd up the ass"

Situation NOT for using "Pwnd up the Ass"-
You got a C on your math test.
You fell out of your chair ALONE.
You spilled your Mt. Dew.
"I merely got pwnd"

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