To be stern, strict or uptight. (Sometimes in a way that is considered condescending.)
I lost some of my friends for beating up a bully. I guess a few of them have a stick up the ass.
by Starfighter1000 November 19, 2013
When anything goes missing on our house we automatically assume that it's "up Buffy's ass". Buffy is the cat.
by MJ Coolness October 18, 2010
1. Mass consumption of gas-causing foods in order to become more flatulent than another decidedly gassy individual within close proximity.

2. Threatening to consume gas-causing foods in order to become more flatulent.
1. After inhaling his roomate's farts for nearly an hour, Mike decided it was time to strike back. He rathcheted up the ass by devouring some jalepeno poppers and three large orders of Burger King onion rings.

2. Mike warned his roommate that if he didn't stop running into his room every five minutes and farting, he'd be forced to ratchet up the ass.
by Charlie Tang July 7, 2005
To drop your defenses and let yourself get fucked by as many willing dicks as you can find. To give up the ass is considered a noble thing, especially when it's to me.
You know that bitch Laquanda? Man, I found her giving up the ass at the party last week to all the homies. I let that bitch suck my dick off later on. It was tight.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
When a group of people are talking shit about you.
CAL:"I got it now 'you're a virgin"
by JOSHUA CONLEY January 21, 2008