When a group of people are talking shit about you.
CAL:"I got it now 'you're a virgin"
by JOSHUA CONLEY January 21, 2008
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the act of sticking a mouse in your ass for sexual pleasure
Dude, that dude totally enjoys getting mice up the ass.
by mice_up_the_ass_guy November 13, 2019
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A term for when someone is thinking really dirty
When that girl said “on my hands and knees for two days” I went up hades ass.
by Rawcikin March 5, 2019
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To tape a Hot Wheels car to your dick and have anal sex.
She said she was on the rag right after I had a Happy Meal, so I took that car, strapped it down and took a drive up the ass.
by Wally Banger September 19, 2008
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To take something meant in a joking manner way to seriously. To lack a sense of sarcasm.

butt hurt a total myra
by Jonathan Harris February 27, 2005
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Having a Facebook profile in which the privacy settings are as strict as they can be. Users cannot search you, see your display picture, send you a message, send you a friend request, view your photos or videos, or see your relationship status, even if it is with one of their friends.

The setting is so private, two users with their profiles set this way cannot even become friends without one temporarily lowering their privacy settings.
"I saw Alex tagged in some photos awhile back. I hadn't talked to her in years, and I was going to add her so we could touch base, but she's private up the ass so I can't even send her a message!"
by ZakTheDJ April 9, 2009
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