The only difference between white and black people. ONE F*CKING INCH. If you are right in between, then you are loved by everybody.
OMFG!!! You know what?


The only difference between white people and black people is one inch...

You mean that bitch left me for just an extra 2.56 centimeters??!

Yeah. Never thought of it like that...
by raichupal January 6, 2011
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A technique in which one strikes an opponent with a punch from a literal (though, of course, there's always variation in length) one-inch windup. Power comes from a martial art concept, Fa Jing, commonly translated along the lines of "explosive power," to deliver backbreaking force as efficiently as possible.

Commonly believed to originate in Wing Chun kung fu, although similar techniques were and are used throughout southern China. Made popular in the west due to a display at Long Beach by the legendary Bruce Lee, who borrowed elements of said Wing Chun from his training in adolescence to create his own Jeet Kune Do.
For a particularly visual homage and/or example to the One Inch Punch, see Bruce Lee knockoff Fei Long's second Ultra combo in Super Street Fighter IV.
by Stefan-sama October 12, 2010
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A slang used by people who know the real name of OMFG (music producer) calling out his small penis.
Person 1: Dudeee! Have you heard of the music producer OMFG aka. Alex Savage?
Person 2: Yeah, he's a one inch bergen.
by kurtsiberg February 25, 2018
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The one inch wonder is a wang that is 1 inch. It's not as good as the 2 inch tornado, but it beats the half inch disaster, but then again, it will never beat the quarter inch killer.
Hey look at that kid with his one inch wonder acting all cool and shit, he wished he had the quarter inch killa.
by quarter inch killaz r c00l yo January 10, 2006
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a small penis, usually found on guys who are assholes
my friend Scott B. has a one inch pinch
by YOURE MOM July 23, 2006
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1.) A martial arts move done by Bruce Lee which involves only moving his fist for one inch near a victims body but with such force that the victim immediately suffers massive internal injuries and begin to hemorrhage out his intestines. Will shatter ribcage with such force that small pieces of bone fly out your ass.

2.) Description of a girl who is performing fellatio and is inexperienced at it and is unable to put more than one inch of a man's penis in her mouth due to her untamed gag reflex. Hence she is only able to give fellatio to the head of the penis, typically one inch in length.
Bruce lee: ONE INCH BLOW!!
*victim explodes*

Bruce lee: one inch blow...
girl: i'm sorry :( i'm a virgin
Bruce lee: ONE INCH BLOW!!
*girl explodes*
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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An explosive short range punch, made famous by the late Bruce Lee. Seemingly magical to the unlearned, it is actually the result of a perfect synchronisation of all the muscles used in a regular punch (shortened down to about 1 inch). Requires extremely high skill to be effective.
by Anonymous November 3, 2003
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