please accept my history as i accept yours
no questions, no accusations here
just weird unfunny jokes and dance and smiles and the occasional roast

miss you, see you soon
"my parents allowed me to accompany you to the prom! do you still wanna go?"
by Krkič April 26, 2019
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A cute way to say 'promise'. An attempt to make your boyfriend think you are being cute/sweet.
'I prom prom i am not trying to take over your flat, Thomas'
by L1990 May 1, 2015
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A very overrated school function that is basically a money maker for the school.

Usually the ones that go to prom are

1. Steady couples
2. The popular girls dating the popular guys
3. Horny creepy looking guys looking to get laid
4. A few, not too many, random couples that just want to go
5. A few people that just can't get a date but still go just to "say you been there." Usually are a little chubby, gay, or socially inept.

When you get there, you eat food in the weirdest combinations like lasagna and mashed potatoes and dance to stuff that you hear on Top 40 at Wal Mart or something off the local urban station.
Prom is overated; I rather spend my money on something more important, my college education.
by Kyle 230 August 13, 2009
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A formal dance in highschool where guys spend a lot of money and take a girl somewhere nice to eat and have to come up with a creative way to ask a girl out. For example: over urban dictionary.
Caleb: Man I wish I could think of a way to ask Lesli to prom

Lesli, will you be my date for prom 2010?
by Blazer92 March 15, 2010
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the main cause of a high teen pregnancy rate in the United States
"Dude, I totally did that girl at prom!"
"She looks pregnant"

by Broncosox May 7, 2009
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Waste. Of. Money.
You have to pay obscene amounts of money for a god damn dance. Prom means you have to buy a Dress/Tux, Ticket, Limo, hotel, dinner, etc.
by realitydoe January 8, 2012
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