An adjective used to describe an event or noun that is uniquely raw or awesome. It is coolness in the most pure form.
Man that party last night was untamed!

Yeah, Joey is pretty untamed, he plays the guitar like Jimi Hendrix
by El Guepardo Feliz October 11, 2006
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A staff of the gay skid festival @ Known for his leet hack history (He once sql injected a site by referring to a public exploit). Some people (even chicks) call him FagTamed which is the reason he became gay. Usually spends time with his gay skiddy friends @, messing around with Paint, and sql injecting random sites. It is said that this poor little thing once tried to publish an exploit (which he got from a very old archive on secunia, no wonder published by someone else) and str0ke rejected it, also banned his ip range from milw0rm, pity on the little thing, since then, this n00b has been 'coding' a exploit database which never got finished.. why? because he doesn't know to code any shits, which makes him 100% n00b.
<Untamed> hey!
<c0de> what?
<Untamed> i will h4x u all.. i know the sql injection code for irc!
<c0de> thats cool
by Ihaztehr00t May 30, 2008
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A reckless, often notably violent African-American man who has utter disregard of the probable consequences of his actions -- like a wild, savage beast acting on instinct. Usually it refers to violent gang-related activity. It is considered a horribly racist thing for non-blacks to say but has some seminal usage in urban / hip-hop culture.
Untamed gorillas
Uptown for sho'
Gettin' full of that raw Mac Melph Calio
Totin choppers on the street like it's very legal
Lovin' blue eyes and curly hair cuz that's fuckin' people
-- Hot Boys, "Infrared Dot"
by LFB August 31, 2008
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Strange that has not yet been tamed; a vajoon that has not been penetrated
“Yo I heard you broke up with your girlfriend...”
Yup, I’m back on the hunt for some untamed strange”
by Globpala June 13, 2019
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A really drunk, really horny, uncircumcised man.
"that untamed and uncut dude drunk and naked again. that guy rules."
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When a woman is very angry with everyone in the world for no reason. The word untamed shows that she can go crazy and do some stupid things whilst she's being an untamed shrew like breaking vases or ripping up books.
Tamed Shrew: God, Natalie is so moody at the moment, it's like she's on her period 24/7.

Tamed Shrew 2: Yeah ikr, she's have an untamed shrew moment.

Tamed Shrew: OMG! I have those too, when you feel so mad that you want to hurt someone. I'm trying to be a tame shrew at the moment though. 🙌
by The Taming Of The Shrew May 17, 2016
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a penis which is not tame it will bite and growl is known to attack small children and animals
"my untame penis bite the face off a small girl"

"im gonna have to stick a mussle on my untame penis it bite me again yesterday"
by Swift December 14, 2003
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