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Use or take advantage of another person, especially sexually, with little or no regard for their desires or pleasures
She didn't seem to care, so I thought I'd exploit the little bitch - fuck her throat, asshole, slap her around a little
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
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Something that is used in Counter-Strike: Source to skywalk, get less recoil or even get smoke grenades in hard to reach places. Also, jumping on someone's head to get to a place that you originaly wouldnt be able to get to is an Exploit.
Stop exploiting before I ban you from the server!
by SamboSa, March 14, 2006
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A bug or quirk in a video game that can be used to gain an advantage.
Using an exploit you can get a head start before the pre-game timer finishes.
by The_Kickster April 21, 2020
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