skiddy is a old woman who is addicted to soup and wrongly thinks cereal is soup
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by Wet man May 16, 2021
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The state of your pants (UK) or shorts (US) if they have a poo stain inside, possibly because you haven't wiped your bum, or farted and followed through.
Darling, your pants are rather skiddy. You might want to apply some vanish before you wash them.
by matt-leics June 17, 2004
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dude: wow that guy is super skiddy
dudette: yeah sorry babe you’re not skiddy at all
by ssnakeu😎 November 17, 2019
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meaning anything that could make your day happy or exciting
Yo that game so skiddy today!
by kevon kellis September 15, 2011
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Derived from the term 'Script Kiddie'.

A Skiddie or Script Kiddie is the term for an adolescent who takes a script from another website and uses it to hack without fully knowing what they are doing.

The key difference between a real hacker and a skiddie is that true hacking requires a large amount of skill, executing a script made by someone else requires little to no skill at all.

Being called a Skiddie or Script Kiddie is possibly the most offending insult a hacker can recieve.

The term Skiddie is often preceded by the word 'Dumb'.
by The 4ce August 12, 2006
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Script Kiddie.
A person that uses other peoples code for things such as mIRC Botnets, Or Exploits. Someone who gives No Credit to the maker of The code he stole. Or someone that is just a total n00b that knows nothing about anything that thinks he knows everything about everything.
nopic: Ill ddos you with my leet botnet i made!
Xthar: You mean you will ddos me with the leet botnet Someone ealse coded and you compiled


Adam591: i will use a cookie stealer on you that i made
Xthar: You are a stupid Skiddie for using a cookie stealer.
by Xthar October 19, 2006
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A kid (Normally around age 9-13) claiming to have hacking skills because he can use Notepad to write a small harmless script. These people are normally seen on Youtube or in hackers forums where they are constantly hated on.

Most common formats used by skiddies in Notepad may include .bat (Batch File), .vbs (Visual Basic Script), and rarely .c (C# or C++ Written in notepad often written very poorly).
Tim: Ha ha I gave you a virus!

Jack: No you didn't it's a batch file you skiddie!!!


Tim: I can hack you.

Jack: GET OUT!!!
by Null0010 July 31, 2009
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